A * Ashura la Krems

Submitted by enr on 03 Dec 2013
250 g of wheat or bulgur
30 g starch of your choice
50 g raisins
5-7 biscuits
1 cup sugar
450 ml water or milk
lemon zest
A * Ashura la Krems
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First in the pot boiled corn or the bulgur. then made into a separate container starch in the traditional way - dissolve in about 50 ml water / milk, the remaining water / milk is put to boil with the sugar and stirring continuously, pour the dissolved starch. Stir and boil to thicken. While still warm, the starch is added to the grain / the bulgur. Add and preground in large pieces or crushed biscuits, raisins and lemon zest. Mix everything, is distributed into cups or bowls and leave to cool. Consumed cold.
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03 Dec 2013


Just to clarify that there are possible any improvisation, a matter of taste, but the only thing that is definitely prefer the starch with water, milk somehow I can not quite cereals but again I say ... - a matter of taste :)

Krems, great recipe! I made a big dose ashure with 250 g. Corn starch and 2, and thus I did and oatmeal in smaller quantities, it is very tasty :)

Viliya, thanks for the photo and I'm glad you like it :)