Banitsa mince and leek

Submitted by enr on 08 Oct 2008
500 g filo pastry sheets (1 paktet)
300 g minced meat
3 leeks
1 cup sunflower oil
Banitsa mince and leek
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In 3-4 tbsp sunflower oil fry the finely chopped leek. Add the mince and after she choke - pepper and salt to taste. Spread crust with a fat, put on her second and stuffing. Turn to roll. The rolls are arranged in a greased tray. Sprinkle with oil and bake in a moderate oven.
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08 Oct 2008


If minced meat is fat, the amount of oil should be reduced. This time choked minced meat with onions and little water, without browning the onions.

BRIDA, very original idea for organizing! Will surely try because we love this pie.

very interesting arrangement will be put in goes to Favorites

Really original proposal for ordering pie, regardless of the filling, and beautiful looks. The only thing that bothers me is whether the average rolls will be gletavi. But there is no way to know if you do not try!

And on both sides of what Roland put to unexpired?

Petya, do not see what there is to expire - a mixture of minced meat and onions is not liquid. Or something I do not understand the question.

rightly understood me, I thought it would expire mixture but I worked on it and gently tuck the edges. Not received such nice round rolls and were flattened. However, it was very tasty and omethoate baking pan ... naturally with some wine.

This is more than art! Raztopihteme with this idea! Just ask can you and other stuffing, a little light. Home hear Kaim says not to yagmosvam and do kiufteta. Abe triabva to try.

If it comes to pastry with leeks, select from 14 increasingly interesting proposals - with leeks; cheese; mushrooms; walnuts, etc. And if for interesting arrangement shared by BRIDA, I think that can be done with any stuffing - salty or sweet. I still have not tried this type of arrangement. Here BRIDA a say :) And success in the attempt!

Thanks! For St. George shte try spinach, leeks, cheese yaitsai. I know it must be green pie for this day.

Oh I like how scary is arranged tonight will turn pie ready peel. Now tell moyataa stuffing pastry with minced meat and leek: Fry the minced meat as moussaka, put the onion as slightly softened, 1/2 yogurt to warm, clean off it from the heat and crumble it 3-5 eggs.

taniakm, filling you is different and directly add the recipe on the site :) Good luck!

Ina, I liked the pie. I tried to make it like the picture, but did not get very successfully. Maybe because my sheet were very thin and fragile. However, unkempt and her ate with pleasure.

Gerry, you have already tried the arrangement proposed by BRIDA. Very tasty look, what it is messy:) Well done!

Mine is with green onions instead of leeks. Very impressive and delicious!

LYUBKA course leeks can be replaced with fresh onions, even if not carried out with the old. The taste is different, but always good! :)