The banitsa Mom

Submitted by enr on 01 Jan 2011
500 g ready peel
125 g butter
200-300 g feta cheese
4 eggs
250 ml carbonated water
The banitsa Mom
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Greased pan with sunflower oil. Put one crust and slightly wrinkled until it is half of the tray. Half cover with another crust, slightly wrinkled. Top sprinkle butter (I do not thaw and slice it into small pieces). The butter is distributed so as to get the whole packet, as applied to each line of the banitsa. One line from the banitsa consists of two raised sheet. One line only put butter, the next crumbled feta cheese and butter and so until you finish the last row with butter. Do light sections of the banitsa and put it to seal slightly, maximum 10 minutes, in the lower half of the oven, 200 S. Meanwhile, prepare topping, which consists of 4 eggs and 250 ml carbonated water . Vadim the banitsa, carefully pour as we try not to stay dry. Dopichame until ready. Optional the banitsa can turn on bowls or cups until it cools down (it will remain a fluffy). * For New Year distribute the banitsa pieces on each Pin fortune. I've put a coin wrapped in aluminum foil halfway between peels.
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01 Jan 2011