Canapes with salmon and cream cheese

Submitted by enr on 30 May 2012
4-5 buns for doner
150-200 g smoked salmon slices
200 g cream cheese or Philadelphia spices
few lettuce leaves
pepper, salt
Canapes with salmon and cream cheese
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The buns are cream cheese. Top evenly distribute the salmon slices and lettuce, sprinkle with optional salt and pepper and rolled up. Rolls are sliced ​​like sushi. Can be served immediately or cover with plastic foil and leave in the fridge for half an hour to cool slightly.
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30 May 2012


Instead patties Doner used pancakes. Became great.

We had to change a little recipe to use what you have available and received delicious rolls. I used cream cheese, but it was pretty solid, so I ground a little sour cream, green onions and coriander. I had lettuce, put thinly sliced ​​cucumber and left a little longer in the refrigerator to absorb moisture (and I was a tad dry rolls). And I put a little more salmon. With smoked salmon always bothers me not to spoil her put something else - and so it is very tasty, and you is not cheap, but in this case I am satisfied with the result.