Chicken with cottage cheese

Submitted by enr on 08 Jan 2012
400-600 g chicken fillet
1 cup white wine
6 tbsp cottage cheese
1 onion
salt, pepper
In glass pot put chicken fillets cut into pieces, onion finely chopped, the cottage cheese, wine and spices. Mix everything and then capped and bake for about 45-50 minutes in the oven at 200C.
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08 Jan 2012
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Not taking into account the errors of Steffanell, it is clear that the recipe of diet has become super dietichna- given the replaced low-fat mayonnaise with cheese, but to ask the author whether cooked this recipe and you ate it ? It nice low-fat cottage cheese, but white wine is quite far from diets. White wine is not recommended in diets due to the presence of sugars in it. If you cook and diet, my advice is to put 2-3. L olive oil or pumpkin seeds or sesame oil and 1 pm. H water.

I did not understand what situation blurs curd? For dietichnostta - I think that very often reaches for low-fat products just because our constant strikes in their heads that it is more useful, not fixed to a diet. And how dietary entire recipe and I agree with ma_rri_na. Me I like the idea of ​​curd (I put Ricotta) - I do not like mayonnaise.

I'd made her a cottage, and never wrote that dietary this recipe, I think that too far with their comments! My comment refers to spell and not the recipe itself!

very irritating spelling errors, especially cuts in a recipe! After so many debates suggest the author to fix finally the recipe and mostly upload a photo, to prove that he had chosen a. More than once I have written that untested recipes from their author would never risked to prepare. The easiest is to take a culinary book, or more easily flipped somewhere and copy it or paste it here and here and there, summary or nedoprepisana. But that is not the purpose of our website to me!