Cold fruit cake

Submitted by enr on 10 Jul 2012
2 packages ladyfingers (Savoyardi) - 800 g
400 g sour cream
400 g of sweetened condensed milk
250 g strawberries
200 ml milk
Cold fruit cake
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Cream sweetened condensed milk and beat with mixer fast speed for about 5 minutes. The mixture increases in volume and becomes creamy. May, when the stirring was added some strawberries to stain the cream. Arrange a row biscuits and syrup slightly with milk with a spoon. Pour 1/3 of the cream and arrange parentsa strawberries. Repeat with remaining ladyfingers and top cream. Decorate with crushed biscotti and strawberries. Leave for at least 6 hours in the refrigerator before serving. * I used the strawberries and nectarines. You may also use peaches or raspberries. * I use a rectangular baking dish with dimensions 30h20 cm.
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10 Jul 2012


sweetened milk what is sour or fresh?

sweetened condensed milk, ie tin kutiyka- will redaktiram- Thanks for the reminder :)

And I thought to ask this, I assumed that it is condensed, it becomes sumptuous cakes these days will walk to supermarket Berezka to buy and try the cake, sounds promising delicious and easy execution. Someone accidentally knows where else there except sell condensed milk?

nelale, I buy from Kaufland, but not Dachleydi that vegetable and brand store

And Carrefour is their brand. I will wait your opinion :)

I did it today, but it was in the afternoon to 16 pm. And will try it tomorrow.

Do not wait and we started today, the cake is very tasty. Thanks for the recipe :)

Nelly, I thank you for your trust and I am glad that you liked it :)

Super became cake :) However I remained half biscotti. Blend apricots compote with cream and milk and added sugar, condensed milk because it was not sweetened.

Hello! I want to ask you not liquefy a little cream for me in sour cream churning never becomes fluffy (always use powdered sugar creams with her because when crystal becomes more liquid). I've never had cream with sweetened condensed milk and also want to ask which brand is better - that of shop Berezka or that of Kaufland? :)

Very nice recipe, I'll try.