Cream Bashar

Submitted by enr on 16 Oct 2009
1 kg milk
2 eggs
250 g sugar
1 packet vanilla starch (60 g)
500 ml cream
Cream Bashar
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Eggs and starches are broken with 200 ml milk. The remaining 800 ml milk and sugar to the boil. After boiling under continuous stirring the mixture of starch, eggs and milk. Stir until thickened. Allow to cool, stirring occasionally to make it fluffy and smooth cream. The cream is stirred in the snow. Once the cream base cool completely shattered added cream. Decorated with chocolate and walnuts.
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16 Oct 2009


To my right is given by pastry restaurant in which I worked. I had not seen your own recipe but heard about it and I feel much better

Cream became incredibly delicious, I think I will continue to use it and cakes. I used crushed chocolate cookies instead of chocolate and used sweet cherries and fresh raspberries for decoration. Thanks for shared recipe.

And I forgot to mention that I added a spoonful of Baileys flavor :)

Bavaria, not Bashar ...

To the band's error and illiteracy ...

In fact, the recipe the other site was copied from us, see the dates.

And I think the title is not a typo, especially given that this is not exactly Bavarian cream - cream just said Bashar.

I'm sorry, I did not see the dates. My thought was that the title is not flawed.

When using the phonetic alphabet of the computer to write in Bulgarian (in places of the letters on the German keyboard), knocking on W (c) displays Y. error is made by me many times when I was not accustomed the location of the phonetic alphabet, I wrote Shashington, shinagi, zaminasham, sewing and whatever else you may go through your mind :). So as for me, I am absolutely sure someone somewhere has ever done just that - carry the name of Latin Cyrillic is flipping of W (Y) and so is left. You decide whether you would call it Bavaria or Bashar.

Sounds logical so, technical error (no illiteracy) and oversight subsequently. The recipe is for 5 years on the site with this name and I do not want to edit without the author, so given how much time has passed and aleksandra8 can not monitor the site regularly, the cream remains with unusual, but memorable name Bashar :)