Croissant puff pastry

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2009
500 g flour
15 g of dry yeast
100 g sugar
350 g butter
300 ml milk
egg 1
Croissant puff pastry
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The milk is heated and the butter is allowed to equalize its temperature with the room. In a bowl mix the flour, sugar, salt, milk and yeast and knead in a food processor on low speed about ten minutes, until the dough is smooth and uniform. The dough is placed in a floured bowl. Cover with a towel and let rise until doubled its volume. It takes 3-4 hours. The butter is placed between two pieces of plastic household and rolled thin sheet. Leave in refrigerator to cool. The risen dough is rolled to a size twice as big leaf butter. The dough is placed on the solidified butter and bends as envelope so that the butter does not appear from nowhere. Roll continues until a long rectangle that folds three floors, wrapped in plastic household and put in refrigerator for about thirty minutes. Remove and re-rolled. If before is boring in length, must now also prepare width, ie perpendicular to the wrapping. Again folded three floors and placed in a refrigerator for thirty minutes. The procedure was repeated a third time and left to rise overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning, puff dough was cut into two halves, each of which is further thinned to a thickness of 2-3 mm. Then cut isosceles triangles, and it is lightweight with a knife cut in the middle of the base. Wound from the base to the top, slightly twisted and placed into the baking pan on parchment, cover with plastic wrap and we stayed until doubled in volume. Then coated with a mixture of beaten egg and some milk. Bake in preheated 190 C oven.
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01 Dec 2009
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