Festive bread Eva

Submitted by enr on 12 Apr 2010
500-600 g white flour
20 g yeast
3 eggs
2 tbsp pork lard (softened) or sunflower oil
1 tbsp sugar (honey)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp vinegar
250 ml warm milk
100 g butter melted
Festive bread Eva
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Yeast and sugar are dissolved in a bowl with 100 ml milk. Add the eggs, as one yolk separated spreads Finally, salt, vinegar and the lard. Make the remaining milk. Less pour the sifted flour to the mixture. Stir until it is released by the court. Transfer to a floured surface and doomesva. The dough is left to rise for about an hour. The risen dough into two balls. Then each of 4 more. A total of 8 equal parts. Roll out each of 3-5mm thick crust and is smeared with melted butter. Collected over one another 4 sheets and rolls of roll. Obtained 2 chetiriplastovo rolls. The resulting rolls cut into triangles. In the middle of the greased pan (28 cm) placed four corners of the rolls. Around them are arranged triangular pieces. The bread is left to rise for 30-40 minutes, smeared with yolk Othello, blurred 1 tbsp milk. Can be sprinkled with sesame, poppy or another of your choice. Bake in a preheated oven 25-30 minutes, the temperature may be reduced to 160 C. bake the bread is spread with butter and slightly covered with a cloth.
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12 Apr 2010


It is very beautiful, just ... no words. This is the bread that must do. Thank you!

And he was right! Not needed great craftsmanship, and the final effect is amazing!

Bravo! The bread is very impressive.

Bravo, mimsi, the bread looks gorgeous! Goes to favorites and will definitely try.

Very beautiful! Bravo! Will try.

Plenty liked

great beauty like a budding flower!

This is great. Applause. Will necessarily prepared already in favorites.

Thanks! The bread is not only beautiful, but also very tasty!

Bravo! It is very beautiful! Really blooming flower ...

Original shaped cake! Bravo and the author and mimsi for sharing the recipe and performance!

Ooooh will necessarily make it. Congratulations!

Only I feel like eating a very nice look.

Really beautiful bread. Whatever you say will not be enough, so I'll just say - applause! Rating 6+.

It looks wonderful!Will necessarily make it.

I have no words is great

beautiful.Huge thanks for shared recipe !!!!!To favorites is !!!

looks fabulous ... and delicious! Ill certainly make it more this week! Huge thanks !!!

It is very beautiful and certainly very tasty.Bravo!

It's really delicious! Thanks for shared recipe!

It is good that you like and add to favorites, but do not forget there! Really worth it! Add your photos!

mimsi, last night is over! Milk combined with butter gives magical taste of bread.

Very beautiful! Bravo! We'll try

I would rather go to bread and I make her. Will upload photos of course :)

Bravo, bravo.Great form of bread.Beautiful picture !!!

Delight the eye and stomach.Congratulations!

With margarine will work?Has anyone tried?

Ivalina becomes and margarine. I do like cake - Bread for the holiday and in most cases I'm doing it with margarine.

Many thanks for the reply.Will make bread for tomorrow night.

oil you use for kneading the dough should be different from that which will anoint Roll out pastry.

What exactly do you mean mimsi that oil should be different? You put in the kneading mass, then brush with oil? Or have something else in mind?

I wrote for i4eto3421, which asked for margarine, but in general it is a rule for all testing. I read it and try to keep it.

Now I understand. :)

pogacha became magnificent. Worth. Once more applause.

I made it, it was very tasty, but not so beautiful. I sent a picture, I hope it pamestyat.

Looks pretty good! Congratulations!

Milena, the bread you find very beautiful! Bravo!

I will put my photo, I hope you like it. My family loved the bread and taste, and appearance.

That's what attracted me test made the same recipe each bread is different and unique for yourself. With the dough doing a form, then rising and baking becomes quite different and unique! Bravo, girls, amazing pictures!

@ Irina and Icheto - Bravo! Many are you baking beautiful!

great round loaves are done girls Congratulations!

Thanks! Glad you liked.

The visitors were fascinated by the bun. I made her about prom my son. Added a photo.

Milena, congratulations. You did a great bread.

We can not have fascinated visitors, mvzh! Really very well received the bread!

I can join. Fast, easy, tasty and beautiful! Became super, between layers narasih cheese and peeled sunflower seeds, sesame seeds on top. Great recipe thank mimsi!

Thank you for the positive assessments, but let us not forget that the recipe was Eva, which are my applause!

has a great appearance today will do is to see the reactions of my family and I will write you