Fritters with pumpkin (Kuerbis krapfen)

Submitted by enr on 17 Aug 2009
600 g sweet pumpkin, Hokkaido or muscat (700 g unskinned)
4 tbsp honey
2 packages vanilla sugar
300 g flour
1 level tsp salt
4 equal tsp dry yeast
6 tbsp yogurt
sunflower oil for frying
100 g sugar + 1 tsp cinnamon for sprinkling
Fritters with pumpkin (Kuerbis krapfen)
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Pumpkin cleaned and cut into pieces. Boiled to steam for about 15 minutes. Can be used and already baked pumpkin. Allow to cool and crushed with a fork. Involved sticky dough pumpkin, honey, vanilla sugar, flour, salt, yeast and yogurt. Leave to rise for about 45 minutes. Heat sunflower oil in a pan, about 5 cm deep. The heat is on as fritters. With two spoons is taken from the dough and fry until medium brown. More hot donuts are rolled in sugar mixed with cinnamon. * If you use pre-baked pumpkin, you may need to add another 1 tbsp yogurt. * In the dough no sugar, only honey and vanilla sugar. For which it is a little - can add optional, although after the Oval in sugar with cinnamon buns are perfect sweetness.
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17 Aug 2009


Oh, and I liked it :) And this recipe-in ​​favorites. I love pumpkin.

This year we have a good squash, so the recipe will definitely try. I also think it is necessary to put in sugar, as will be sprinkled or rolled in sugar.

it was a good recipe, but become less testivi if more edrichki, so be careful

become such klesavi ordinary fritters are much nicer: /

is a sample recipe from me several times, never been klesavi. There are 4 tsp yeast (ie raising agent), if prepared properly, you can not remain concise. If you have not done properly, for example if you gotten the yeast with water, which provides additional moisture, there is nothing to wonder if finally the result is nezadovoliten. Also if your oil has been strongly heated, buns browning the outside, but inside are raw. There are many ways to ruin the outcome is not necessarily failure due to the recipe.

Aliana, you tried baking. I love pumpkin, but do not eat fried. Recipe put her in favorites.

No, Ive, I have not tried to roast them. I think this recipe would not be appropriate - there is no water, ie will dry out during baking. Will need to be added sugar, because cooked not greasy surface and will not stick to sugar at the Oval. I can look for another if you wait a few days I'll write what I found.