Fruit salad with cream and ice cream

Submitted by enr on 26 Dec 2011
1 banana
1 orange
1 tangerine
1 apple
pear 1
100 g cream
300 g ice cream
colored chocolate sprinkles
100 g fine chocolate
100 g sugar
Fruit salad with cream and ice cream
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To use this fruit salad plate type elliptical. We start with fruit - sliced ​​bananas lengthwise into 2 parts. Remove rotate half orange pieces, half apple slices, pear slices. At both ends of the plate with a syringe put cream and sprinkle it with chopsticks. Between two roses put cream ice cream - white and brown (or different colors may be). In the middle of the plate put the chocolate and caramel. Chocolate and caramel are strips. For this purpose, melting chocolate and using a spoon along poured on kitchen paper. Leave strips in the chamber. Caramel strips in the same way - melting sugar over low heat pour in length with a spoon paper towels - not necessarily leave the caramel strips in the chamber. After cooling chocolate strip is placed in the middle of the plate. * Products in this recipe are 2 servings fruit salad.
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26 Dec 2011