Fruit salad Palma with the juice of blood oranges

Submitted by enr on 07 Feb 2012
# Palma:
1 banana
2 kiwi
1 tangerine
# For orange juice:
1 kg red oranges
Fruit salad Palma with the juice of blood oranges
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Palm: banana peel and divided into half lengthwise, put it on a plate, cleaned kiwifruit and cut into crescents, arranged on top of the bananas as palm leaves, tangerine peel and separate into pieces, ranks at the base of bananas. For the juice: oranges are squeezed by machine or by hand. These are oranges, called dum * * in Arabic or translated are called blood * * - incredible potion these are oranges for fresh juice.
Very easy
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07 Feb 2012


Petya, nobody can they overtake design of salads and fruit, I am behind ...

colorful, very beautiful palmichki :) uhh, how I priyadee kiwi ... but I only oranges and grapefruits, will be satisfied with them ..

E Desi I do I have no grapefruit, my man loves beautiful things sorted and says ,, joy for the eyes ,,

Is that who does not love beautiful !?