Gyomleze (Gjomleze)

Submitted by enr on 22 Sep 2010
500 g flour
500 ml water
500 ml milk
150 g butter
50 ml sunflower oil
1 egg
Gyomleze (Gjomleze)
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Egg, milk, water, salt and flour crash . You should get dough a little thicker than pancake. The oil and the butter is heated to melting the butter. In a small pan put 2 tbsp of melted butter. The tray is placed in the preheated oven until warm. In a hot pan pour 1-2 ladle of dough. Place the tin on average BBQ and bake. After the first red sheet tray is ejected. The sheet is smeared with melted butter and pour over 1-2 ladle of dough. Oven adjusted to bake only upper wire. Bake until browned, smeared with butter, pour 1-2 ladle of dough and so to spend the dough. After gyomlezeto is ready, is coated with butter and leave for 15 minutes. Cut into diamonds and served with feta cheese or yogurt. cortices Gaomlezeto must be thin as pancakes.
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22 Sep 2010


interesting recipe. Will try, so appetizing look.

interesting recipe. I'm curious to try this gyomleze (new and unknown thing). For now goes to favorites.

Elti this old Macedonian recipe. Resembles baked pancake taste. Can be made without egg. I ate it, but still I have not cooked it myself:-)

Very interesting recipe. I'm also curious to try. Thank you share it with us!

Very interesting! I think it a try soon! Thanks Emira!

Today I did happen to me and a big failure. I followed the recipe and method of preparation. Because not specified temperature, put the highest, I thought this would be the best. However ... The first layer is red, however, shrank in the baking pan. When pouring the second layer, a portion of dough into the first leak. Then he shrugged. So each subsequent layer of the dough flowed in front. Finally it turned out that absolutely all layers inside were raw, although only when they are bombarded were nice red. Furthermore, it was drenched in fat, just squished. How do you think what caused failures? Temperature? The fact that the dough is poured in layers? If it is - how to avoid? Because the layers really shrink when baked ... I would be grateful for advice.

Rally and I ate it for the first time thought it was harsh :) It is such gletavo. In the recipe was not specified temperature baking. I watched a video on YouTube there gyomlezeto bake outbreak in a platter covered with a lid. I think the strong oven has shrunk so. We should rather try and me.