Halloween Cocktail

Submitted by enr on 24 Oct 2011
3 round radishes
3 olives pitted
3 peppercorns
200 ml martini or apple juice
Halloween Cocktail
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Radish washed and cleaned better than the leaves. Using a potato peeler or knife scrape radishes or shape the capillaries to make eye bloodshot * *. Carve a hole for apple * *. Olive cut in half and put into the prepared hole and add pepper. So our eye is ready to be put into a glass of martini. If you want to not move much in the cup, you can stuck with a toothpick or icy in sufficient forms of ice water. * You can use white wine and apple juice for children or water.
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24 Oct 2011


Thanks for the original idea! Cocktail made with apple juice and red juice was frozen in the form of ice and then added it to the glasses. The children were delighted!

your are fantastic, my little hid the handset's battery and then photographed by telephone. My pictures are amazing but the idea in January exchanged. I want from your cocktails - a good Sym not seen

Didi, I'm glad you like my picture. Yours may be made by telephone, but also very successful and inspired me to make a cocktail. I admit that if there was a picture to see how original, might not do them. Thanks again!