Kozunak with soda

Submitted by enr on 31 Mar 2012
1 kg of flour
25 g yeast
4 tbsp yogurt
250 ml carbonated water
4 eggs
8 tbsp sunflower oil
12 tbsp sugar
2 vanilla
6 drops of vinegar
nuts, raisins decoration
Kozunak with soda
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Slight warming carbonated water and merge it with 6 tbsp flour, a pinch of sugar and yeast. Stay it rise in a warm place. Beat eggs with a mixer, add the yogurt, the oil, sugar, vanilla and vinegar. Stir well the mixture, add the yeast and flour in portions. Interfere smooth dough (add optional raisins into the dough). Greased with sunflower oil and leave to rise in a warm place. Then divide 6 balls, of which shape the rolls, make them two assemblages. Arrange tangle in greased tray and again leave them a warm place to rise. Smeared with egg on top and scatter with crystal sugar and nuts, raisins, sesame. Put in the oven without being warm it in advance. Bake the beginning of a hot oven for 15-20 minutes. Then reduce to medium heat and dopichame.
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31 Mar 2012
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Dinka-you are very appetizing photos and the last straight and I invite me to turn up. Carbonated water, warm will it be De-gassed and can you put more. soda? Okay thread dough? What is the role of vinegar?

Thanks to the successful recipe. Moѝte cakes look the same as in the picture.

tried and my cakes were great! Home liked them very much and colleagues too! Thanks to the successful recipe! Recipe go from hand to hand. Once again thanks a lot!

Girls try to Easter. Super recipe!

very successful recipe! I used lemonade instead of soda, I had at the time. Received me and thread, given that I have not constant attempts to interfere as long sometimes. Thanks Svetlana shared recipe!

made for Easter, but something I received very good things. And last year in the recipe that I used pishesheparvo strong oven, but I get hard and baked crust. Sweet, but I somehow get dark, I doubt in the flour. I do not I got no strings, but as bread. I am glad that you are well received.