Layered cake with minced meat

Submitted by enr on 28 Mar 2010
1 kg minced meat
2 onions (shredded)
2 eggs
2/3 cup milk
500 g mushrooms
ready mashed potatoes
Layered cake with minced meat
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Minced meat is kneaded with finely chopped onions, eggs and milk. The mixture was divided into 2 - separately baked meat 2 equal the base. Sauté mushrooms. In order to cake products are cold. In a large bowl or tray is placed first base, smeared with mashed potatoes, stewed mushrooms rank is. Insert the second base and the whole cake is covered with mashed potatoes. Decorate optional, taste and occasion. * It is desirable that the puree is more dense than usual. * Instead of mushrooms can put stuffing of your choice.
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28 Mar 2010


Eeee great idea, even mince and I will make it, but half dozoza that we have two.Went Bookmark

bravo very nice and tasty look

Wonderful recipe easy, tasty and very beautiful.Immediately put to favorites and will try very soon.

gosh, how beautiful!

Super recipe.Bravo !!!

super beauty!

Well done, looks great!

Thanks for all the nice words Beverly Hills. Enjoy your meal!

Bravo Veni, cake looks great, and no doubt is delicious. Soon will try.

original, simple and beautiful. Bravo Nevena. I made the cake of Easter. Became great and very tasty.

Vanya, thanks for the nice words. I am glad that with this recipe I эaradvala- your eyes and stomachs.

Nevena, bravo! It is very beautiful, you feel sorry to cut open!

Recently I watched on tv :)

Vaэmozhno is ... in my family prepare this cake for years :)

I ask may seem silly, but ... in what had stack and bake? And how do you remove it then without crushing? Image of unwed - iced cake you, I see that the cheese was not melted? I think today it do but and and has the appearance, taste I'm sure that it will bring:-)

From the recipe and pictures I think are baked separately cake (as big meatball), and then piecing plateau.

Ahhh, clearly! I thought bake together ... Thank you, Mim!

Ali, I have two small baking pans with a uniform diameter, these latter must bake. When they are well cooked, there is no danger extractions be crushed. Mince and puree are chilled in the arrangement of the cake. Enjoy your meal!

A milk you put mince or puree for ... I'm sorry I did not understand :(

milk is put in the minced meat. Puree all prepared to your taste. Enjoy your meal!

Am I wrong or get the recipe is not explained properly? Cause I wonder how will knead all products such as minced meat will my cake?

edited slightly recipe, I hope it is more clear what and how piecing :)