Meat bamboo and soy sprouts in a wok

Submitted by enr on 05 Feb 2013
2 chicken breast or 400 g pork sirloin
1 stalk leek
2 heads onion
1 worm pepper
200 g mix Chinese mushrooms (frozen)
2 carrots
1 / 2 zucchini
soy sprouts
soy sauce
olive oil
Meat bamboo and soy sprouts in a wok
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In wok pan with a little olive stew chopped leeks into thin long strips, onions sliced, grated carrots, red pepper and zucchini cut into cubes. When the vegetables soften add the meat cut into chunks and mushrooms. Leave to boil on medium heat and after about 15 minutes add the bamboo, soy sprouts and soy sauce, turn off the heat and put aside. * Water make up less and only when necessary, the dish must remain thick. * If you cook the dish with pork, put together with all vegetables
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05 Feb 2013


Really tasty I do just that without bamboo here I can not find it in stores and looking pretty because I like the Chinese restaurant. You of any chain stores buy it

bamboo, soy and so on.. Most often buy Chinese mini, but also often run promotions in LIDL and ALDI.

Thanks soybeans is almost everywhere. Will go to Lidl in often to check but Chinese shop not go and avoid buying any of them ... thanks