New Year clock

Submitted by enr on 26 Dec 2002
1 kg potatoes
3 eggs
3-4 pickles
1 red pepper
50 g peas
250 g mayonnaise
New Year clock
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Cook potatoes, peel and smash. Add hard-boiled and chopped or grated eggs, finely chopped pickles, mayonnaise and salt to taste. The mixture is well mixed, pour into a large bowl and garnish as clock - from the shredded olives make the numbers (Roman) are taken from the pod 2 thin slices of different lengths - for arrows as shall be located so that the clock 11:50 shows and frame rank grains of cooked peas.
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26 Dec 2002


The recipe is easy and quick to do. The salad is very fast and is quite tasty.

Easy, tasty and really decorates the table!

I make this recipe with pasta salad - very nice.

Well, that's very clever - well done!

From put a little mayonnaise in salad, with the other part paint marshes and then work down *clock*. Very successful recipe for the New Year.

will be mandatory on the table this year. Well done.

Stahotna and impressive recipe. New Year will surely make it. Bravo and thank you for the idea.

and I will make this salad!

I am very pleased. Original recipe. Very tasty and very aesthetic. Let your small adjustments. I will add a photo. All not make it a success and without hesitation for its implementation.

And all merry celebration of the New Year 2013 :)

became super snimchitsa and me.