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Submitted by enr on 05 Dec 2009
800 g chicken
600 g rabbit meat
400 g rice or pearl bomb, never long grain
250 g green beans (Reichel)
200 g peas, can frozen
1 tomato
150 ml olive oil
saffron, salt, a pinch of rosemary, 1 tsp paprika
Olive oil is poured into paeyerata when warm add sliced ​​meats, such as fry until golden, turning occasionally, it is very important to be well fried, when you do add vegetables when they soften and add chopped tomatoes, and when it is added fried paprika, saffron and water immediately, and the amount should be double that of rice to be used. Boils were allowed to live fire for about 5 minutes, then reduced and boil for another 30 minutes at medium heat and then again increases the fire and add the rice. About 10 minutes to cook on high heat, then reduce to medium and cook until the rice is cooked, it should remain dry and all. * If not available paeyera, and this is shallow-like pan pot can be used and pan, but should have a diameter not less than 50 cm.
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05 Dec 2009


For the majority of Spaniards, this is a favorite dish that is prepared on Sunday, when the whole family is at home, they themselves believe that not every Spaniard can make it better, and that is one of the the most difficult and demanding dishes of Mediterranean cuisine

Thank you very much.

Bravo, tried it, and gave me great pleasure. Thanks ... Bookmark

Well done, I really like this recipe! Only I can be *zayam* but good-naturedly: correct your spelling paeyera and wrote his paella. Seriously - how saffron and put leaves or ground targets have? And how many servings out of these quantities?

Hello, Aliana, can put saffron both leaves and dust around a pinch, because otherwise it becomes quite intrusive and spicy, then if you want to achieve more intense color, you can use dye . In these proportions can be obtained for Bulgarian standard 10 portions Spaniards as yazhtnichki reach 6-8