Parfait Zebra

Submitted by enr on 21 Feb 2014
400 ml cream
700 ml yogurt (10% fat)
2/3 cup sugar
200 ml milk
4 tbsp cocoa
gelatine 500 ml liquid
Parfait Zebra
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Cream mix with a mixer to become slightly fluffy, add the yogurt and sugar and mix with mixer until homogenous. A relatively thick cream. The gelatin is dissolved in a little cold water. The milk was warmed slightly, then to this was added the gelatin. Mix well until the gelatine dissolves well in milk. Then the milk and cream are combined and stirred until homogeneous cream. Divided into two parts and one to add cocoa. dissolving in shape with a diameter 22-24 cm begin to pour 4-5 spoons of white mixture in the medium, then the medium, the white mixture of 4-5 tbsp brown mixture and thus rotate until it is empty Both cream. Leave in the refrigerator overnight to set.
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21 Feb 2014
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Can I use sour cream instead of yogurt?

I do not know, I think that will be a problem. But not vouch for the taste whether it is the same

Because I do not know what is sour-cream, and certainly I have not seen yogurt 10% in stores around us. I do it with sour cream with 20% fat. I will share what you :)

I think it will get still something :)

stela25, tell us what you milk used to make parfait? *In the kitchen of Ivan* where actually a recipe Verne wrote yoghurt with 10% fat (here so we do not), and you wrote and strained ... so what do parfait in the end?

gold, and someone asked Ivan what is sour-cream and she replied that it was *sour cream*, which in Bulgarian is *sour cream*. Mimeto seems rightly target.

Thank gkostova04 and I read. I was curious to hear the response of stela25 :)

I'll have to give stela25 refinements to the recipe. Apparently it tested, let him answer questions to not receive *failures in the kitchen* :)How big should be the format? I used standard baking dish with a diameter of 23-24 cm and is filled to the brim. Moreover - how long should crashed cream with what density must be last. Instead of yoghurt 10%, USE sour cream with 20% fat. Gary, thank you for this clarification :) It says that you must get a *relatively thick cream.* At first I thought that I received well, but it turned out that it is too thick! Finally spill in the form and izplyoskvah spoon by spoon. The mixture is not raztilashe and sat on piles. Maybe too many I smashed cream ?! Unfortunately too late I realized that I can do to pladtove to have relatively good looks. Definitely was not a zebra type, but as stela25 wrote in one of his comments - *will get more thing* ...

Girls, yogurt is fat around 10%, I'm not convinced that it is better to be replaced with sour cream. Original author probably does not live in BG and where standards are slightly different, but of Bulgarian yoghurt with 10% fat tell him yoghurt.

And I hope Stella to include a comment - what use yogurt, or use sour cream? How big is the form that uses? Recipe needs some revision before it can be successfully prepared.

I found the source of the recipe - as girls wrote *In the kitchen of Ivan*:десерти/парфе-зебра/ I regret that it looked before tackles preparation.There is posochenio yoghurt with 10% fat, but with such a strained fat! In general I find yoghurt 10%, I think it was Greek, but scary thickens! I doubt it can get parfait. May be replaced with sour cream, but 10% and add yogurt higher fat content, the total amount of your stay 700ml. Olya is upload a photo, which shows what should be the density of the yogurt and the final mixture. Comments there are very helpful and if you have any questions, Olya meets and quickly.
Furthermore initially liquid cream should be broken with mixer very well to get the air bubbles.
I do not know whether to say the recipe as tested as not getting exactly what it should be. The taste is very gentle and mild, like us. At home I presented as parfait *Day and Night* :)

yoghurt was using was purchased from *Penny*. I think it had only one. I forgot exactly how his name.

I used yoghurt with 10% fat (for those living in English-speaking countries it is greek yogurt), as written in the recipe and Parfait I received successfully. The only change I made was that I used instead of gelatin jelly with orange taste (it is the same, but with a little sweetener and color) and put orange peel, that I had on hand. My 21 centimeters form with 3/4 dose fill half. So set quantities and products in the recipe are accurate, I do not think that needs changes. We liked Parfait, gently and tenderly really, thanks for the recipe :)