Potato pancakes with tuna

Submitted by enr on 09 May 2012
600 g potatoes (3 large potatoes)
130 g tuna confit (1 can)
3 eggs
3 tbsp sour cream
3 tbsp breadcrumbs
1 bunch parsley
1 tsp Maggie Magic taste 10 or vegeta vegetables or other vegetable seasoning of your choice
1/2 tsp lovage and savory 1/2 tsp (optional)
salt and pepper
fat frying
Potato pancakes with tuna
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Peel and wash the potatoes. Dry them and then grate them on large-scale grater. Then squeeze them with gauze or hands to separate the juice them and put them in a bowl. In a suitable strainer and drain the fish from its juice and then add the potato. Add the eggs, cream, breadcrumbs, vegetable seasoning, salt (be careful because Maggi is savory) and spices and mix good. Put the fire suitable Teflon pan to heat, pour 1 tbsp fat with a spoon and scoop the mixture, pour it into the pan and flatten slightly to create a small tortillas - not too thin, not too thick. Fry until a nice brown color with a spatula and flip it to finish cooking. Whenever a pan put 1 tbsp oil. Serve warm with a suitable sauce. I used a sauce made from yogurt, a little mayonnaise density, garlic, dill, lemon juice. * The original recipe offered bechamel sauce flavored with lemon juice. * I came from the mixture 16 small pancakes. * I offer this recipe in an improved version, because the first did the mixture in the original recipe (half dose). I noticed that there is no kneading elements such as flour or breadcrumbs and so I put ward only a pancake, but when I try to turn it breaks. How is the P doopekoh, but I tried it was almost tasteless, so I decided doizkusurih mixture in my own way and the result was great (at least we liked it) and I decided to share it with you. Enjoy your meal!
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09 May 2012
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