Roll chestnut

Submitted by enr on 24 Sep 2010
1 kg chestnuts
70 g cocoa
300 g butter
320 g sugar
100-150 ml sweet liqueur
150 g sugar
1 egg
Peel the chestnuts and cook them for about an hour in salted water. Remove skins and blend them. Put the mixture into a bowl and add the chocolate, 150 g softened butter, 170 g of sugar and liqueur. Knead well with hands and leave for 30 minutes to rest. During this time, beat the egg whites on hard snow and yolk - with the remaining 150 g butter 150 g sugar and mix with gentle agitation. Roll out the chestnut mixture on aluminum foil, rub it on the white mixture and curl of a tight roll. So rolled material leave for several hours in the refrigerator to set. Place in a suitable container for presentation and with the teeth of a fork can make a fringe decoration, resembling tree stump can decorate with whipped cream and candied cherries.
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24 Sep 2010