Rolls of minced meat and bacon Mummy * *

Submitted by enr on 30 Nov 2014
1 kg mixed minced meat
1 egg
120 g breadcrumbs
2 tbsp mustard - optional
1 tbsp ketchup - optional
spices of your choice - such as cumin and black pepper
50 ml milk or cream
pinch of sugar
1 tsp salt
# To look like a mummy:
about 200-300 g bacon strips
Put the minced meat in a deep bowl and all other products and blend to mix well. On the tray with baking paper put bacon strips in length, overlap each other. This is one way and then put the minced meat and top cover empty sections. Another way is to form a thick roll as you want and then tucked under each strip of bacon roll and top is very well developed. The idea is minced meat juices do not go, so the bacon must be tucked in tightly on all sides. Put the tray in the oven, which is well heated to about 200-250C degrees until crust change color and become golden. You can serve it with steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes. * This is something that came up because the children of some of my friends did not eat mince and such local dishes. I showed them how to have fun while they do and they ate into mincemeat. It was fun. * You need long strips of bacon.
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30 Nov 2014