Layered cake * Three chocolate *

Submitted by enr on 28 Jan 2012
260 g biscuits
3 tbsp melted butter
2 tbsp milk
1 liter cream confectionery
500 ml milk
200 g of dark chocolate
200 g of milk chocolate
200 g white chocolate
75 g sugar
gelatin (15 g of cream)
Layered cake * Three chocolate *
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The biscuits are ground finely and mix with the butter and milk. Pour into a baking dish (diameter 26 cm) and pressed to form a good base. Mix the cream and milk. Divide into 3 equal part. Put the first part, together with the sugar and dark chocolate on the stove and stir until melted chocolate. We remove from heat and add gelatin (gelatin is first put in a little cold water to swell, then put in a water bath to melt and then add to the cream). Pour the mixture over the base. We leave in the fridge to harden (about 2 hours). After the first cream wrapped a fully prepare the second in the same way, but with milk chocolate. Pour it carefully on the first cream and still leave in the fridge to set. Then prepare and cream with white chocolate. We leave in the fridge for a long time (about 4 hours). Top decorated optional.
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28 Jan 2012


Good suggestion. And a lot of chocolate.

I like and certainly will try soon.

Really chocolate temptation / which can not afford it! /. Annie, how many grams of gelatin put in any cream?

In the first packet and a half, in order to tighten the better.

This cake I'm doing it for 2 years, no one who has tried and not liked it :) It's great! The original recipe is kuahada, but I think that Bulgaria has no this product (I'm sure the gelatin does the same job)

and I do with kuahada but with gelatine it.

My friend, living in Spain, gave me the same recipe and wonder what can replace kuahadata. I also assumed that the desire to replace it, but still I have not tried. Looks very appetizing!

May it will be the next creation at home :) Great look!

The cake looks very nice and a challenge for me because I do not like Jell many, many, but certainly will try to make it for my birthday. I just want to ask Sugar 75 grams for each cake with chocolate or sugar are added only in dark chocolate? Thank you :)

sugar are added only in dark chocolate.

I want to ask what kind of diameter can I change formata- have 24 cm. And 28 cm. If you use 24 cm., Will get you to all products? And if you use the most, whether the latter must not become too thin? Thank you.

This cake applauded New Year's Eve :)Thank you Annie!

And another thing to ask: can I do decorated with icing sugar whipped sour cream, not only for this cake, but in general? I mean if spraying roses, will you stay or will prevent bleeding? You add oil to tighten then in the refrigerator? I hope you as a competent advise me, because I will do the cake on Sunday 06. 01. :)

DonaMira, I'm glad you liked the cake. :)

Iliana, better use smaller form. So you get a little thick layers, and will be better. A smetanata- I never decorate a cake with cream only because as stand and ran. I embellish with butter cream or a firmer cream.

So, I made the cake and I dare say that is one of the most spectacular and delicious I have ever done. I used a recipe for cake of variation of this cake from another site, namely: biscuits - 200 g ordinary cocoa, hazelnuts (roasted and ground) - 50 g, coconut - 4. L., Oil - 125 g soft, fresh milk - 10 p. l., powdered sugar - 2. l. I could only eat cake :) Next time with 1 again. gelatin cake without milk chocolates because of diameter 24 cm. becomes much mixture. I will definitely make it. Upload and modest amateur photos :)

I'm glad you liked. Very nice cake you did.

I made a cake for the birthday of my friend and all guests were very impressed. Many thanks for the recipe. :)

great cakes mmm.

Hello my dear ladies. I apologize for the remark, but the original recipe for this cake is 250 g milk 250 g cream 150 g chocolate and 1. l. sugar crust. and there is no need to put in the refrigerator because if the latter must be very ozhladi sliding cutting you in fetching. of 10 years I'm doing it every day and I painfully familiar. nice day

bnieves Blagodrya to comment.

bnieves, I do it too many years. Until now has never happened to me to slide the latter must. Originlnostta for the recipe will not comment.

bnieves, I would say that cook like cake. If you do not keep in the refrigerator, you manage to tight individual cake and to obtain well separated layers? This slippage is possible to be done if one cake is wrapped too strongly and pour it over ice mixture, but two hours in this recipe does not lead to this result.

read comment bnieves, a few days ago, but I had no time for my comment. I fully support xevi. Commenting on bnieves is totally non-compliance. Ham cake ostensibly, is painfully familiar, yet not concluded that when an already tight gelatin mixture is poured hot such natural surface melt a little, the two mixtures are soldered and will not happen slip. And another thing, standard gelatin mixture placed at room temperature of 20-24 degrees Celsius, wait at least 6 hours to harden, eventually.

XEVI, this is the original recipe which is present in all cookbooks of a European country. Yes, you are right that it clarified that this applies when working with cuajada. But if you follow the weight of other products will understand what I mean.

bnieves, and I live in this European country. The recipe I have given of course cooking and pastry, I have not invented it. And the original recipe is made with cuajada and Termomix, to be more precise. I have written the recipe so that it can be done without these things. And if you want, and publish your option but to comment that this recipe is not correct ... please, a little respect for others.

Do not use there to do in Termomix. But there is no problem as the forum is only ,, ooo very nice ,, And nowhere I commented that the recipe is not correct, naisah ,, original ,, With great respect for ALL

In the end, if the cake is nice and gets the majority of which have prepared, I do not see what the problem is whether it is original or adapted to our latitudes. I make it a little different crust (I combined 2 recipes), but the result was amazing. No need for unnecessary disputes whether or not originalna- as a successful and delicious, it does not matter. At least in my December :)

Girls, you site is different recipes and everyone can make different variations of cakes and dishes, according to taste, experience and the experiment you? I do not see what the spores. Comment How did the cake, not whether it is original. The cake is original with her this recipe. I looked at her for some time and now I have the occasion to do. My husband's birthday on Sunday and it's cake, which I stopped. No eggs, which is important because one of the guests is allergic. But I want to ask for more form how many grams of biscuits to use? My form has a diameter of 30 cm, the other not. For the cream not worry, it will increase a little.

kadrina, by the weight of the biscuits you will use depends on the thickness of the marshes, nothing more. So Experiment boldly! I always swamps *by eye*, and accordingly increase and butter. How do you decide whether you'd hit ratio biscuits: cr. oil? When you stop to crumble under pressure even as he shuffled. Good luck!

started, cross your fingers! But I do not know how soft or how the breast should have been tested. Not crumble and can shape something like a piece of it, but now do not know if it is not too soft. You will harden in the refrigerator or crumble more biscuits?

oil will tighten, calm :)

Girls, get out! Upload a photo. I was wrong cake with gelatin before. Thanks for the support Iliana = 1983 and kremma!

girls want to ask gelatin put warm in a cream and as warmly bay swamps and accordingly the remaining cream cake? I apologize for the question if you think stupid, but will do for a very close friend and do not want to expose. Thanks in advance :)

gelatin is put in warm cream, but can wait until the very cream has cooled slightly, but not quite. As he wrote in a comment ma_rri_na 24 is desirable second and third mixture to warm them pour on the previous year. Cake becomes great and is very effective. Good luck :)

thanks 20 will do if you do get will get isnimki

I have long put to Favourites this recipe and finally her turn comes. In other day will do for the first birthday of my daughter and a little worried that will confuse something ... I'm not used gelatin before. After the first pour cake mixture Topamax put in the refrigerator and then put it immediately before you take out pour cream Toplich second or less should stand at room temperature and then pour it? And guess after I make each layer chocolate waiting a bit to put the cake in the refrigerator? I apologize for the stupid questions, but I do not want to fail!

mimoza784, preparing the cake just looks complicated;) After submerge marshes first cream can start production of a second. Years ago, waiting for each to izsite cream and tighten well and put in the refrigerator, but found that it was a waste of time. Creams prepare them one after another. While the second is on the stove, first managed to cool and harden slightly. I personally always furrow with fork on the first and second cream can be *cemented* the latter must. Good luck!

Thank cream :) I'll write what I received: D

Hello, I would like to popitam- what cookies is recommended to be used for ponds? I've decided these days to try :)

sazdov1980, nice biscuits are loose

I Got It! :) Really not at all difficult to make. Still waiting for his two hours, as is the recipe. Many effects and delicious cake! Not too sweet, much liked by all :) Will upload and photos. Special thanks to Anna that he shared this recipe with us. Birthday my sunshine was perfect with this cake :)

mimoza784, I'm glad that she liked the cake. Really is not difficult to prepare, just a little more time consuming.

When I get everything *by the book*:) Although I have not worked much with gelatin and in the beginning I did not believe that this *redichak* cream will tighten, but after 2-3 hours everything was in October As for the taste ... :) quickly disappeared quickly. Thanks for the great recipe.

Do not fall for gelatin desserts, but her cakes is!

sazdov1980, congratulations! Very nice! :)

Sandov1980, which you have prepared the cake is spectacular! I put in favorites will try at home to try it! :)

Perfect piece, forget your diet and would definitely eaten :) :) :) Bravo, Mimeto!