Sandwiches Zucchini

Submitted by enr on 14 Aug 2010
1 zucchini
1 egg (raw)
2 boiled eggs
2 tbsp flour
50-100 g cheese
parsley, dill
1 red pepper
2-3 tbsp mayonnaise
Sandwiches Zucchini
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Zucchini grate, add salt, allow to sit less and drain. Add raw egg and flour and mix well (with meatballs Zucchini). The whole mixture fry one large meatball. With a glass or other shape are cut shapes. Cheese, egg whites, egg yolks grate - separately. Cheese, egg whites, mayonnaise and mix. A figurine of pumpkin patty smeared with the mixture and cover with another. Side also smeared a bit and add some dill in. Optional can be greased with a little mayonnaise. On top sprinkle with grated egg yolk and decorate with small figures of red pepper and parsley.
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14 Aug 2010


BABY, again yummy zucchini. Along your irresistible (seasonal) recipes if you know how courgettes and aubergines I ate ... And this will record it in favorites.

Vesi, something I do not understand it ... Of which are cut shapes? What piece is coated with Cavo piece cover? ...

as I read her recipe presented so: the big meatball (which is flat to me, but not pompous) cut figures (shapes with optional). Like meatball is boring sheet:-). I personally would mixture baked in a rectangular baking dish and then I cut into squares (to no loss of material, cut out circles that if you do not know what to do residues between the circles).

OK, now I understood:-) Thank you!

rightly understood Elti, a as to the forms-it's all about fantasy. That day was obviously a problem and photos can be uploaded, but now here :)