Summer soup grandmother Maria

Submitted by enr on 09 Jul 2011
500 g green beans
50 g rice
15 poluuzreli wild plums
2 tbsp flour
pepper, salt
4 cloves garlic
Summer soup grandmother Maria
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Boil in salted water pre-chopped green beans. Add the rice and cook until soft, then add and free of stones wild plums and cook another 10 minutes. Add a little fuzzy in cold water flour, pepper, dill and finely chopped garlic clove. Cook another 5 minutes and remove from heat. * This soup my late grandmother served during the summer months well cooled.
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09 Jul 2011


must be very pleasant, with Giancana this is a good idea, and my grandmother cooked dish with wild plums, super!

One of the options for soup green beans and wild plums. Suitable for the summer heat.

Tilia, I would be grateful if you let other options this summer soup - it's the only way I know. Generally, these summer delicacies are popular in my final Veliko Tarnovo. I love ekspirementiram in your kitchen, but some classic recipes remain favorites over the years and this is one of them ...

Danny, as this version of my final Чорба green beans with wild plums in Vratsa As I wrote in the commentary may not thicken. Sometimes I add rice or noodles. And now will try your suggestion.