Sutlyash with starch

Submitted by enr on 07 Jan 2012
1 liter of fresh milk
3-5 tbsp rice
350 g sugar
30 g starch (vanilla)
3 vanilla
Rice is boiled, leaving little hard. Milk was boiled, shortly before the sugar was added and stirred until dissolved. Starch is soluble in cold water. Cooked and drained rice is added to the milk and stir. Gradually put and dissolved starch, stirring, finally add vanilla. Pour into bowls, which are arranged in the tray. Pour water enough to reach half the height of the bowls. Then the tray is placed in a highly heated to a temperature of 200C oven and bake 20-25 minutes, until the mixture is golden brown.
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07 Jan 2012
Bon Appetit


Is not sutlyash?

Non sutlyasha is the traditional rice pudding. A sutlyacha is starch with a water bath. This recipe I watched in Zvezdev few years ago as Bonn was prepared in January Apeti- his guest a footballer playing in Turkey. Turkish friend of mine told me that this really is a Turkish pastry. Try'll like it.

I'll try, I like it with a little rice!

dessert is light and small like a creme brulee. At home we like it because it was a combination of our favorite desserts - rice with milk and vanilla cream.

This is not true, Elinor73. Bulgarise word is sutlyash but Turkish is syutlyach. Wrote to Sütlaç. And there are many options as houses - as recipes. With nuts, dried fruit, fresh, starch, etc.

It is possible. I do not argue about the origin. I say what I know from sources. I believe Turkish sutlyash is prepared in the same way, but there are eggs. On the other hand you're right - the people, the recipes and flavors.

I had in mind that sutlyash and syutlyach is the same thing, not two different dishes. Sutlyash not traditional Bulgarian milk with rice and boiled rice with milk and then baked in the oven. Will it sutlyash with starch, whether it is with eggs or with figs - these are the only options now.

Very few dishes can say that purely and only recipe of a nation - from anywhere someone has gone and has left something. No matter whether Bulgarian, Turkish or Russian, or how to pronounce importantly to like people and everyone prepares her own.