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5 cups (1 kg) flour
1 (100 g) zucchini
4-5 (250 g) peppers
1-2 chili peppers
100 g yeast
1 and 1/2 cup (300 g) sesame
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Vegetables are cooked and rub through a sieve. To these are added other products, as previously sesame beat mechanically chopped. Knead dough, allow 1-2 days to rise and is broken into small balls. When dough balls begin to dry up (to crust), they rub through a colander hands. The resulting grains resembling couscous, dried noodles as stow in a bag and kept in a dry place. In need 5-6 tablespoons of dried trahana put in 1 liter of boiling water and cook until soft. While preparing roux 50 g butter (2 tbsp), 60 g (Chapter 1) finely chopped onion and 5 g (1 tsp) paprika. Roux pour over finished trahana. You can add the crumbled feta cheese.
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01 Dec 2002


Very tasty trahana as it is cooked with cabbage soup instead of water.

I remember Grandma did grind vegetables and fruits for trahana raw. Furthermore, it is put zucchini, in contrast, very red peppers, some green and yellow bell peppers, small tomatoes, necessarily quinces and a few apples, peppers and other vegetables they have around - a little onion can. Well, whatever is available. And, of course, a decoction of tarnanol - otherwise why would they say trahana ...

What is this thing called tarnanol?

I never heard of such trahana. Sigourney fi delicious self that leaven where. Eshteya try and so adore January

Sourdough is a Russian national low-alcoholic beverage obtained based on the fermentation of yeast. There is a pleasant and refreshing taste and is useful for digestion and heart. In yeast rich in vitamins B1 and E, and to make access to its properties. The content of the alcohol is from 0 to 2 7%. 6%. Quenches thirst due to it contains lactic and acetic acid in part; has a high energetic value and the presence of carbon dioxide determines the increase of appetite and easier assimilation. Leaven is made of different types of flour or bread and water. Represents the product of lactic acid fermentation or spirit of the starch contained in the raw products. Yeast is easy to prepare at home. Then mainly used yeast or biscuits and sugar. To improve the taste often added strawberries, raisins, hops, pears and the like.

Sourdough a dough is made by kneading the dough with water and flour oklo 200 and allowed to ferment. Portions of the risen dough is a ball 200, the cover with Barsha and allowed to stand for several days. During this time it rises, dries and hardens. A sour sourdough and This uses as raising agent in reconstitution of bread, cakes, cheese cakes, etc. Sour yeast used in bread nearly 5000 years. *Bulgarian cuisine* Zemizdat

trahana, which I know from my grandmother - Aegean Thracian of Komotini lot like this, but put more vegetables. Mainly tomato sauce - tomato scoured / me I'm lazy and buy tomato paste from the best /. Peppers replace them with bell peppers, put more carrots, onions, quince and chervil / celery /. In Sliven has a special seasoning - trahanovo. A leaven is required. I do not know what it kneaded grandparents 100 years ago, my grandmother used sour boza or effervescent yogurt. Now I use only sour yogurt, which involve flour and leave in a warm place. And all products are digested with processor or blender raw add the tomato paste and flour and sour milk knead very cool. Becomes dough with a great red color. Begins stormy fermentation smells intoxicant tasty premesva 2-3 days. Further, the technology is the same as I to save myself rubbing hands :) / very difficult and painful to end / after drying the dough pieces and collect them gradually digest them in the machine to grind meat. Becomes almost like flour. After cooking is like cream soup and consumed with crumbled cheese and croutons if desired or just shred bites harder bread. I've never roux. Just one piece of fresh butter. Great food especially in the cold winter evenings.

Well done girls and boys. Each written recipe, the following comments one gets some idea of ​​himself can decide how to prepare a dish. You are amazing. Thank you very much for the recipes and the comments after them. With you my cooking is much easier and interesting. Special greetings trahana for the recipe and all the other ideas in the comments!

Awesome! This is the taste of my childhood! My grandmother preparing trahana, but unfortunately died and they never recorded this recipe from her. Years of bitter regret that I took it, do not preserved ... And now I come across a recipe for the same trahana, the memory of the taste I carried the grief over the years. Thanks for shared recipe!

I came across a comment on this recipe and learned many new things. Only here (in Greece) I had heard and seen trahana (plain, sweet, sour, large and small), which is prepared from flour and milk and leave to dry. Used in soups instead of rice, noodles and more. I do not use it, but here pretty women cook. Apparently, just the name is ednakvo- was interesting to learn :)

tried and tested, healthy and very tasty! Involved with fresh vegetables - carrots, red peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and chilies. Collects energy from the sun during drying. Try it, you will not regret. Just now is the time to prepare!