Beef Provencal

Submitted by enr on 28 Oct 2010
1 kg steaks veal shank with bone
1 liter of red wine
200 g carrots
400 g Penne pasta
60 g butter
2 tbsp tomato paste
about 2 tbsp sugar
50 g feta cheese Parmesan
1 tbsp thyme
Beef Provencal
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Boil the meat well. Strain broth and boil the pasta in it. Put the wine in a saucepan, add a little sugar and let it evaporate to 200 ml. Add sugar, tomato paste, a little water and let the sauce to be thickened. Cut carrots into slices and fry them in butter, add the thyme, salt and a pinch of sugar. In posgastiliya is wine sauce add broth of pasta, cooked beef washers and let it boil. Serve the meat on a plate with wine sauce, steamed carrots and pasta. On top sprinkle with Parmesan.
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28 Oct 2010
Fast, easy, tasty ...


what else paste can be replaced Penne pasta?

Nearest form they are short makes pasta, but can with alcohol or other pasta of this size.

The picture looks with potatoes and not pasta. So you really prepared?

No, not the potatoes used, but they are not used exactly this type of *foam* and most ordinary noodles. The photo is taken from another source.

recipe became nice, although finally forgot Parmesan. What I did not like it is that everything is cooked separately and very dirty containers. Furthermore, spoded me at least the pasta should be mixed with the sauce to seasoned well. If the sauce stays at the bottom of the plate, yet the sauce remains, yet the pasta were just cooked macaroni. However, I liked the idea. And upload photos.

idea of ​​the dish is all products to be felt .. so so *Provencal* course can be cooked and all of 1: D

What wine is used? Homemade or bought?

I have no home and where to take my was bought.

Thanks for the reply. I guess with home will have a different taste. Basically I bought a cook.