Buns with cheese

Submitted by enr on 17 Jul 2013
# For the dough:
1 kg of flour
1/2 packet of dry yeast - 3.5 g
3 tbsp yogurt
2 eggs
1 tbsp salt, sugar and sunflower oil
1 tea cup . hot water
500 g yogurt
250 g of crumbled feta cheese
2 eggs
# Optional:
100 g butter
sunflower oil for greasing the pan
Buns with cheese
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I option to make the dough - in baking All the ingredients for the dough is placed in the basket hlebopekarnata program test (to me is 8th) for an hour and a half. II option to make the dough - hand: All the ingredients for the dough is kneaded by interfering quite a long time - 30 minutes, or even more, leave to rise for 30 minutes or more. As the dough is ready, divide into 4 or 5 balls thoroughly greased with sunflower oil, roll out of the base, as I slimmer, put the filling, thin pieces of butter, rolled cut into slices 2 fingers thick and arrange in pan. Spray some stuffing and butter on top and spread with sunflower oil and bake in a pan - 30x40 cm and 10 cm depth of 200C degrees for about 30 minutes (or oval with the larger sizes), as must the oven is preheated. When pulled sprayed with cold water, dab with butter and stew with cloth and paper.
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17 Jul 2013