Cheesecake Spanish

Submitted by enr on 18 Sep 2010
3 eggs
250 g yogurt
6 tbsp sugar
400 g cream cheese type Philadelphia
300 g jam blueberries
300 g biscuits
125 g margarine
125 g butter
Cheesecake Spanish
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Chopped biscuits in a mortar is possible to finely. Margarine melts together with the butter and smeared round pan with a diameter of about 30 cm. Pour crushed biscuits in the tin and pour on top evenly with the rest of the melted butter. In a separate bowl whisk eggs with sugar, gradually add the yogurt and the feta cheese. This mixture was poured uniformly on the slightly depressed biscuits. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C about 40-50 minutes. Check with a toothpick. Finally, it remains to cool a bit and smeared with jam. Cool before serving. * To crushed biscuits can be added and some crushed walnuts. * It is normal to become top brown, almost black. As I pull him leave to cool and then turn it on a plate and then in another bowl, to be with cookies below, but be careful if hot to not adhere to the plate.
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18 Sep 2010


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A great recipe :)

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I'm glad you liked the recipe. Here in Spain it is the most used everywhere. :)