Chocolate leaves

Submitted by enr on 31 May 2009
white and brown chocolate
sunflower oil or spreads
leaves of your choice
Chocolate leaves
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Brown and white chocolate are melted in a water bath separately. The leaves are moistened with sunflower oil or butter and chocolate is applied on them with a brush - not thin layer or thick. Allow to harden chocolate and very carefully removed the leaf. On a leaf can be mixed and white and chocolate brown - it's really interesting.
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31 May 2009


Vesi, it is a list of plants you?

You can prepare edible flowers to brush with beaten egg-white. Then pressed into a sugar and allowed to dry. Used to decorate cakes and pastries ...

Great idea :)

Galle, I think with all the leaves turn. The important thing is to be beautiful.

Great idea! Bravo!

Very beautiful! Bravo, Vesi!

are so beautiful - you unique

Kaka showed neli1100 Image - leaves are moistened with chocolate on the underside - so follow the topography of the leaf. No need to be coated with oil brush, but only slightly to pass with greased paper. When there is a lot of oil, the chocolate flows and nezalepva. A silicone forms - no need any treatment.