Cookies with cottage cheese

Submitted by enr on 19 Dec 2012
# For the dough:
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup sour cream - 20% fat
1 cup flour
pinch of baking soda
# For the filling:
400 g cottage cheese unsalted
1 egg
1/2 cup sugar
Cookies with cottage cheese
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Mix all the ingredients with a mixer for dough. Should not be very liquid. Mix the ingredients for the filling. In tray littered with paper pastry with a spoon spread the dough into circles of distance from each other to not merge when baked. Top is placed in the middle of 1 tsp of filling. Bake at 180C degrees for 20 minutes. * 1 cup = 250 ml
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19 Dec 2012


The recipe is quite interesting, but the name is a bit misleading :) *Chiizkeyk* causes another association. Google quite misleading translation and I very much trouble when you need to use it. :) I looked in the original recipe to make it clear to me what's going on / because for now there is no picture to the recipe / in Russian-Bulgarian dictionary. *Vatrushka* means *simidche, sweet bread with cottage cheese and we turned over in the middle.* I'll try to get a picture from the Internet.

tillia, thank you very much for accuracy and image. I thought it very easy and interesting recipe, so I decided to share it.

rtodorovska, really easy and interesting and you do nice that you share it! :) I've had problems with translations and I know how hard :) And because of the explanations in the way of making something became clear to me, so porazrovih. The picture will be removed, because it meets the proposed recipe, I just wanted to show what *vatrushka* because the name of the recipe.

maybe something like *boiled sweet muffin* or *sweet muffin quark* would be a better name?

Nevi while to write, you have already changed the name :) According to the pictures in the original recipe and I think it is the most apt!

To not fall large baking baking pan baked only one as sweet and the other as a cake baked in a pan (27 cm. / 37 cm.) And then you cut it into squares. It is the cream is sour.