Dzupa Ingleze

Submitted by enr on 26 Mar 2011
# For the cream:
50 g sugar
1 stick vanilla
50 g flour
6 yolks
500 ml milk
20 g natural cocoa or natural grated chocolate
# For the base:
20 biscotti
liquor Alchermes (Strawberry or raspberry)
Take 1 cup the milk and the rest boil on slow fire with vanilla. After the boil, turn off the heat and let cool. In deep bowl beat egg yolks with sugar, add the flour (mix) and the remaining milk and mix again until homogeneous. Then remove the stick of vanilla poizstinaloto milk and pour the mixture into the milk-egg mixture. Turn on the heat and stir constantly until thickened. Divide the resulting cream into two parts in one, while hot, add the chocolate (or chocolate) and stir until uniform. Leave to cool creams, cover them with foil, to not get caught crust. Select the appropriate tray (or small cups about 150 g). Dip the ladyfingers in half liquor for about a second and arrange on the bottom. Then pour the cocoa cream (whole, if you have selected a pan or other large container or in divided cups) and distribute it equally in court. Again, arrange a layer of ladyfingers dipped in liqueur and cover with custard. Leave the dessert in the refrigerator for several hours before serving. * Of your choice you can add fruits and row after the first layer of ladyfingers. * Another option is instead of dessert liqueur to use syrup of strawberries or raspberries and include fruit, pre-soaked in alcohol.
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26 Mar 2011


Sounds promising. Will try compulsory.

is great! Bravo;)