Egg salad in a basket of onion

Submitted by enr on 17 Jul 2009
2 eggs
1 cucumber
feathers onion
100 g of sour cream or mayonnaise
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp lemon juice
20-25 sticks
lettuce for
Egg salad in a basket of onion
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Decoration of saline and feathers onion is made basket. Eggs finely, add chopped cucumber, dill, cream, lemon juice and mustard. Mix everything well and this mixture is filled basket in which there are lettuce leaves. If you remain feathers onions can be cut and added to the mixture, which is filled basket.
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17 Jul 2009


EEE great salad!

is wonderful, I love the picture and I like the ingredients

great form of salad.

uauuuuu this unique oformlinie of salatatata. The cool thing is that the basket can be used for other salads. Approaching a new year and I like to surprise your friends with this salad will achieve it. BABY warmly thank for the great picture.

ah Sym how pleased I found the recipe translated, so long looking at it and still did not find the courage to it in the back - and it turned out to be insanely easy

Didi beautiful basket you create, congratulations!

Diana is very beautiful your basket! More beautiful than the original picture! Bravo! How does it taste? And how exactly make it? What are stuck Crackers?

I cut glass with two slices of bread tynki to do kryg, between them put fillet and melted cheese. Ordered salty, I washed the broad leaves of chives and zapochnayah to knit. Itself stitch know her a drink - front ozad - pretty much as zig zag my name was. I can not explain it, but now I do a basket on food and will show pictures of how to knit if any one knows. Taste of household did not like, but that does not mean it is bad - of a product must become something fantastic. I napylnih second batch with Snow White, we can put salad Whatever its resolve. I can not tell the taste - to go fast and will share

I forgot to thank you very kindly for the highest score of all dylzha Baby

Thanks for the detailed explanation! If you gather courage, will try and I!

The idea is very original and implementation of einjal - perfect!

very original, congratulations and thanks for shared recipe!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I was wondering what to surprise guests. Wonderful it will be replaced with feathers onion leek. Thanks BABY

Well again correctness - girls! Be honest when you use ideas from a particular site - at least mention it! Or want to shine in a strange idea? It is commendable that you have exercised well, but the idea is not yours! This is for the decoration of cucumber are all from one site-encyclopedia. I'll just be more honest, and we all will applaud a re-creation of that idea. Be healthy! Again, nothing personal - only principle!

Source has indicated, I do not see anyone trying to *shine* with anything.

flower, and I'm the same opinion, so I like this site - directly below the recipe indicates the source, if any. And in this recipe is so - Vesi (BABY) it is stated on July 17, 2009, more than TPO years!