Gingerbread with chocolate

Submitted by enr on 29 Aug 2012
2 eggs
1/3 cup sugar
60 g butter
40 ml sunflower oil
4 cup flour
1/3 cup honey
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp cinnamon
100 g couverture chocolate
Gingerbread with chocolate
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Mix honey and baking soda and boil on low heat 2-3 minutes until it becomes amber. Withdraw the mixture from the heat and add the butter and the oil. Stir until melted the butter. Leave to cool slightly. Beat eggs with sugar and add to the mixture. Add flour and soft paste. Put in the refrigerator to cool. mixture shape balls not very large and arrange them in greased tin. Bake in preheated oven at 180-190C. Razstopyavame chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave melting and half gingerbread in it. Arrange in a platter and let cool.
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29 Aug 2012


Malinka, roughly how many pieces go? Mekichki you become? A more golemichki not okay to make (such as those who once sold and loved)? Image look wonderful :)

Around 30-35 units out of this dose. Get mekichki and slightly crispy on the edges, just as of old. You can make them - big, no problem. I wanted to do just like those of a time and performance. I bought chocolate couverture from Lidl, which easily melt in the microwave.

I from there buy kuvertyur- greater the packaging, cheaper, and I'm very pleased. Surely today will try the recipe:) Thank you :)

The more - golemichki are so much softer. Bake until the turn pink if more remain until golden brown growing stronger. Then write the result.

Done! I did a double dose :) Quite izlyazaha- made more golemichki of yours, even greater in the form of heart. I do not cooling hladilnika- not I waited and cinnamon put together with soda in honey. The only *problem* for me was immersed in the quilt, because it is very hot and dry. Much of gingerbread is eaten already :) I liked the result! Thanks for the recipe :)

I just decked them were amazing! Thanks for the nice recipe! We'll add and snimchitsi: D

very beautiful decoration, Flower! I am glad that you liked!

seem quite easy and fast - and that can be eaten immediately or need to stay a while?

And if I want to make shapes, you have to throw it?

no, no, no! never again :(

What happened ...?