Improvisation moussaka with zucchini and potatoes

Submitted by enr on 18 Aug 2014
250 g minced meat
2 onions
sunflower oil
3-4 potatoes
3-4 zucchini
200 g mix corn, peas, carrots
400 ml milk
150 g feta cheese
100 g cheese
3 eggs
3 tbsp flour
1 tsp savory
Improvisation moussaka with zucchini and potatoes
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TOPPING: Beat eggs, add them to the flour, pre-tailing slurries. To this mixture add the crumbled feta cheese, grated cheese and savory. potatoes and courgettes are peeled and grated. In the pan put the vegetables, minced meat and chopped onion. Salt and put a little sunflower oil. Optional can add the feta cheese to all products. Mix everything in the pan and bake in the oven at 200C. As it turns brown, pour moussaka with topping. Dopicha to gold.
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18 Aug 2014


I look at the recipe a few days and so I can- eyes title that I did not want to read further down. Today, however, I decided to read it. Bidding to know who will find the many spelling mistakes ?! Otherwise, the recipe is not bad, I like the idea, but the way of presenting me at least annoy me. Please uploading recipes exhibit respect for themselves and for others!

edited recipe really needed.

Thanks! But I think, at least in general should do the authors themselves!

recipe I tried it so there are pictures. The recipe is very tasty.