Jam cherries and orange peels

Submitted by enr on 12 Jun 2012
2.5 kg cherries
1 kg of sugar
1 cup water
Orange Peels (1 orange)
1 tsp limontozu
Jam cherries and orange peels
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Cherries are washed and cleaned of stones and handles. Put them in a deep pan and loose with 1 kg of sugar. Leave to stand for 10-12 hours (overnight). The next day to the fruit, add 1 cup water and everything is put on not very strong stove and boil without being capped. Orange peels are added in the middle of cooking (30 minutes away before the jam is ready). From time to time otpenva with a dry spoon. Is ready when a drop of syrup, poured down rain at the edge of a porcelain plate remains without running. Add limontozu spoon, stir 3-4 minutes and then remove the jam from the fire. orange peels, orange wash very well with a brush or a hard sponge. Peeled and before you cut into small pieces clean white under sheet. Crust will be boiled in three leads (3-4 minutes each). cooled crusts are arranged tightly in a jar, alternating row crusts row sugar and ending with a few tbsp brandy.
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12 Jun 2012