Jam tortosladkish

Submitted by enr on 05 Jul 2010
11 tbsp sunflower oil
11 tbsp sugar
11 tbsp water
flour as to obtain a dough sharpening
400 g jam (jam), rosehip (apricots, prunes)
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp vinegar (lemon juice)
1 vanilla
Jam tortosladkish
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2 tbsp of caramelized sugar to dark caramel. Put the water and stir to melt the caramel. We remove from the heat. In a bowl put the remaining 9 tbsp sugar, the oil and add the hot caramel syrup. Stir. Adding flour stepwise little by little to obtain a soft dough, which is not sticky and it sharpening. Along with flour dusting and soda, quenched with vinegar and vanilla. The resulting divide dough into three equal parts. Roll out each portion on baking paper (as previously can outline the size of the pan - my tray was with 25 cm in diameter and the thickness of the rolled out dough became approximately 4-5mm). Bake in preheated oven at a temperature of 200 C - in my baking time was 5-6 minutes. The sheet must remain soft to the touch and not overcooked and hard. Ready bases jam of your choice and blind as cake. Top can be brushed with jam or cream decorations. * procedure with caramelized sugar can be omitted (faster). Then a simple warm water. * This cake got it by prescription from the time of my student years. It's quick and does not require much of what skills and products. * cake is suitable for the position. Idea: My colleague had rules and chocolate spread, but I have not tried this option on only suggested it as an idea.
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05 Jul 2010


It seems incredibly tasty. Your photos are unique. BRAVO!

bravo will try it, go to Favorites

Thank you, girls. And welcome to melek (soon I have not seen here on the site).

great tortosladkish. I like the fact that it quickly.

I'm on a diet! Do not offer such delicacies! Now we need to do it - obviously something easy and tasty. The idea of ​​chocolate - something in particular - is replaced marmalade you?

Yes, tillia, instead of jam covered with chocolate (but then out of the box meatless).

I did jam and cream-pudding (without boiling). Put and sweet cherries. Use a hectic version without caramelization of sugar.

Mmm looks juicy and tasty, go to Favorites and will try :)

Darlings, I think that with dietary jam (which is for diabetics) and instead put brown sugar crystal will become dietary delicious cake. Will try it soon :) What do you think, Elti? The pictures are great :)

Well, will not become completely invalid, but say poludietichen:-) For me to a group of low carb diet dropped food and this sladkishche has quite carbohydrates.

So I asked your opinion, Elti- and I will not do diet to enjoy his children properly (they better not have taken from mint eat, but do not fill out) :)

Thank you for the nice and easy recipe.Was my sweet apples.I cut a piece of the picture, because over.

i4eto3421, I'm glad you liked the sweet and thanks for the nice pictures. If you do it with cream starch (after fasting: -)) (or other) becomes great homemade biscuit cake (but nice overnight). Today I did it exactly so it was very juicy and nice (except that I have not yet processed the pictures).

Required will try cream starch, will put a little ground nuts.Thank you again for a super idea.

This time I made more caramel (6 tablespoons) and the dough is copper-colored and smelled of gingerbread.

Today decked with fondant cake (recipe is from Aliana and instructions to do the same - for which many thanks! ). This is my first cake with this type of decoration. Cut tomorrow (if not forget to take pictures).

Elti, very well cope with the Fund, successful and fun decorations! Congratulations!

Thank you, buci. I chose something easier, suitable for a first attempt (no failures and disappointments:-).

Great decoration Elti. It would appear to me as a professional decoration. For decoration excellent assessment. And how buy afraid?

Thank you, Ive. And I like it, although there are flaws. A fear I brought them from abroad.

Bravo, Elti :) decoration it is not really so easy and you did well. The colors are also very fresh :) I now only individual pieces I've done, but one day I will decide :)

Bravo, ELTI! Capable and stubborn! Congratulations!

Elti, congratulations! Very fresh, very beautiful and professionally made decorations! Save me a piggy :)

Thank you, girls, for the nice words. Annie and I had plenty of time to decide. I like to work in peace (spiritual and physical), and has not found it. The figures were done maybe a month earlier. Melek, welcome to the site (I miss you pictures and recipes). I can not give up - would cut a pig for you;). Your evaluation is very important for me because this is my *proshtapulnika* in this field. Thank you again.

Elti, deliver my joy to help you, but what can be seen, shows that it was worth every minute:-) Very fresh decorations! You have done more than successfully:-)

Aliana, HUGE thank you for commending and recipe for fondant, and instructions. I'm really glad that in your eyes my cake was *more than successful*.

ELTI, starhotna decoration is dealt his incredible :) I now do my cake many temptations :)

Elti, and I have excellent assessment :). Superski decoration - fresh, fun and sweet :).

Elti, congratulations from me! That is just another recipe - cake base of the cake. Great performance, very good combination of colors, kind and funny pigs!

ivkaa75, sladki64e, tillia, THANK YOU! Very nice and encouraging :)

I remember him from the time of the moat grandmother. Exact Dobush called it. Thank pshe try it.

is made with great interest and was very tasty indeed well done.