Kaiser pork

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5-6 kg pork
3 kg sea salt
200-250 g paprika
50 g powder Qimen
40 g garlic powder
20 g of powdered thyme
10 g cumin powder
100-150 ml wine spreads
Kaiser pork
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For the preparation will be required on board that will process meat, household silicone brush and a large tube for water. Best is empty 11 liter canister of mineral water - Ya shear above the middle of the taper (under the cap) there will process the meat. It is important that the opening is large enough to allow the hand to enter the meat and pass through it. The meat cut him off two lengths must be an area man's hand as his thumb intercept with the middle finger and a little thicker. If there membranes correct them. Greasy not get out. We make salt brine about 4 l, with a concentration of salt that egg shell, lowered inside to emerge as 50 st. Place and arrange the meat inside, without wash, so that it is under water for 24 hours. throw the bloody water. Vadim and meat, each one of the pieces rub it with plenty of salt and dry back in court (row meat row salt). Keep for 1 week, follow the meat is in brine. Not pour water, sea salt alone pulls water from the wet meat on the first day alone and will fill the court with strong brine. side in the transparent tube, if we see after the third day, it remains red meat (not gray), clinging tightly to the vessel wall, then with a wooden spoon, unsettling there so as to insert brine . desalination of salt baked gray meat: 2 days, each eight hours, replace old water fresh in the same court. Water goes everywhere - Poke the meat by hand will not remain lower meat savory). If desalinate slightly petrified of salt meat will not eat salt. If too long desalinate will spoil faster. Drain the meat 12 hours. Mix the ingredients for the Kaiser, smeared with meat mixture and hang by hooks from stainless steel or thread to flutter. Kaiser mixture must have a density of chutney (more viscous spreadable difficult and rarely if dripping). If we can wine and water to dilute. Sunflower oil (olive oil) not put because rancid. Optional can be added allspice, black pepper or hot paprika. In Varna withered after 2 more weeks. If you are in the hinterland - perhaps 10 days. Then in the refrigerator. * Chime is difficult, but can be replaced with fenugreek as Chime is fenugreek seeds.
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25 Dec 2014