Kozunak dough involved in baking

Submitted by enr on 03 Apr 2014
3 eggs
125 g sugar
150 ml milk
40 g greasy pork lard or 60 g soft butter
40 g sunflower oil
2 vanilla
rind of 1 lemon or lemon juice 1
500 g flour +100 g for possible addition
1 and 1/2 packet of dry yeast or 30 g fresh yeast
Kozunak dough involved in baking
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Separate the yolk and the white of one egg for egg wash - as desired, and together with the other two eggs, beat them lightly with a fork and pour into the container of the machine. Pour the sugar in milk, stirred and warmed slightly, then pour in the eggs. Add pork lard and the oil, vanilla, lemon zest, sifted flour (preferably the flour is for kozunaks, extra or classic) and top put the yeast (if fresh yeast crush s). Place the container in the machine and turn of the testing program. Watch the process of kneading and, if necessary, add more flour to get a smooth dough - but not firm (usually add 1-2 tbsp), after 20 minutes turn off the machine and restart again test program (run it on again) and leave until the end. From the resulting dough to make kozunaks, rolls or buns. From this dose I prepare 2 kozunaks in oblong shapes for cake (terrines) or 2 brioche rolls. Rolls out different positions depending on how large they do. Our grandmothers did kozunakste pig lard and therefore became thread and fluffy. 2 rolls made to show how fluffy became a pig lard - a big difference if they are butter. Similarly if you do kozunak anoint their hands with pork lard as wicks shape and stringing them.
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03 Apr 2014


not a recipe but my cakes were awesome fluffy, lightly of foals and one is eaten still warm warm ..

Very good recipe using the latter almost verbatim and for the first time - the cake. In my opinion - maybe with less yeast, I put '30 fresh, next time I will try 20-25. But the bakery is really a boon for kneading and rising. Thanks for the recipe.

Many successful recipe. made 5 doses, put Turkish delight, chocolate, sweet. Were wonderful cakes without long kneading by hand. taking out the dough from the bakery put the stuffing, roll cakes, put them in a baking dish, and having them whitened with yolk on top and sprinkled with sugar left them about 15 min. in the oven at 50C to rise. Then baked them at 180C fan. Thanks to this simple and nice recipe.

I am very happy that I contributed something to the feast-and I I made cakes in this recipe and were very nice, but the recipe can also be hand-kneaded my friend no baking and cakes made in this recipe and said that have become wonderful-so now there is nothing to fear for Theia cakes th great trembling beshe..ama and bakeries are ideal pomoshnitsi in case ...

I apologize if my question is stupid, but why fresh yeast breaks directly in the container? I always previously put her in a little warm water and put her initial rising in the machine. What will be the difference between the two options?

renita_ltd to tell you the truth I do not even know is there a difference whether it is broken or razmita..prosto so I tried it so I give the recipe, who knows me knows that always write only tested by me personally retsepti- therefore I can not comment there any difference-this question can meet someone competent than me so I apologize that I can not answer you ..

There will be no difference. Effervescence of yeast is not necessary - the rest is the time when there were no refrigerators and yeast is fucking easy, dissolving it in a little warm water with a little flour / sugar served to verify that the yeast is still fit - if effervescent, then is alive, if not - makes no sense to use. The benefit of dissolution is that no lumps remain, but finely crushing and kneading will produce the same effect.

I could not wait for an answer and did yeast as I know no other way to gnaw it effervesce :) I uploaded pictures of my two kozunacheta very successful recipe and hands hurt by kneading.

I am glad that you liked the recipe and kozunachetata have become very hubavi..a clipper is a convenience in the kitchen-Helle for people like me where my hands hurt da beat and is known as a lazy bulka..abe if people did not need not struggle to da izmislyat..nay-like that of those appliances that save you time when you are too busy with other things ..