Layered cake with kozunak

Submitted by enr on 26 Jul 2010
1 kozunak
50 ml brandy
100 ml juice peach preserves
100 g jam cherries
almonds for sprinkling
# For the cream:
400 ml cream confectionery
100 g starch
50 g tahini
3 yolks
150 g almonds
400 ml whipped cream
In a saucepan Boil pastry cream and 400 ml warm water. Add starch, pre-dissolved in 200 ml cold running water. Add the tahini, yolks and grilled almonds. Blending the mixture to obtain a thick cream. Cover cream foil and leave in the fridge to cool. Cold cream Beat with a mixer, add the cream and mix well. Arrange sliced ​​kozunak the bottom of the form with a diameter of 26 cm and syrupy juice compote. Pour the brandy, cover with half the cream and arrange a second line of products. Leave the cake to toughen an hour in the refrigerator and then covered with jam cherries and almonds.
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26 Jul 2010


I liked the idea of ​​the cream. I have a cake and will try it in this recipe.

tahini where buy? This is not halva?

Tahan there in larger shops. Not halva, but is the main ingredient for the preparation of halva - mashed sesame.