Layered cake-parfait

Submitted by enr on 30 Dec 2008
# For the base:
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
pinch of baking powder
1 vanilla
# For the cream:
1 liter milk
500 g yogurt
7-8 tbsp flour
1 cup sugar
1 vanilla
4 tbsp gelatin
50 g butter
confectionery paint optional
# For the coating:
500 ml juice compote
1 tbsp gelatin
fruit of your choice
# For syrup:
Layered cake-parfait
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The base is done by breaking the eggs with sugar, add flour with baking powder and a pinch of vanilla and finally according to the density and pour a little water. Bake in pan on baking sheet for about 20 minutes. cool base syrup is boiled with hot sugar syrup. On the base up the cold pour the hot cream, which is prepared as follows: The flour is mixed with 200 ml milk and a trickle added to hot water bathroom remained quantity of milk, pre-sweetened with sugar. Stir until thickened. Get out of the heat and add the butter, previously soaked gelatin in 100 ml water and yogurt. Stir until melted gelatin. Optional stained with paint pastry. Leave in the refrigerator for several hours to harden, then top rank fruits optional (and can those compote) and Bay (careful not to dislodge the fruit) with heated juice compote and pre molten gelatin in it. Leave again for a few hours to set.
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30 Dec 2008


Now I've made and tightening will photograph it to show it to you!

Ilianche in a baking dish with removable bottom do you know her?

In principle this should be done, but because of the lack I made it in a higher baking pan. Few will be difficult for me to pull out the first piece but ...

already bought form with removable bottom and I will be much easier!

chudesna- cake was very light, tasty and impressive! This is one of the favorite dessert of our family; do it from years of feast. I make cream with 1 egg, 500 ml milk, 3-4 tablespoons flour, and vanilla. When Marsh is quite fresh, not syrup, and inundate straight with a little more rare cream. When I have time range as biscotti crust and again became successful. Add a photo.

It looks very tasty. I want to make it as a surprise for my husband's birthday, Toi loves parfeta. Can you tell me as weight is malleable gelatin.

I only put gelatin topping on top. My gelatin is Dr. Oetker (two sachets of '10). '20 Gelatin dissolve in 500 ml of fruit sok- It is under the direction of the package. If the juice is transparent, fruit stand and more beautiful.

Thank you Dobby. Helped me a lot.

And I solved the and made it. Very light and delicious cakes rose and upload photos:]

sounds very tasty and I will try

and paint eggs happens that I do not know where you will find pastry paint

petqanabel, think paint eggs is not for confectionery purposes. You can assemble the opposite with confectionery paint to paint eggs. Use red juice compote.

Radost, the cake looks great! Tell me, how make it; May a non-recipe ...

cake layer on cake is the same, I poured it on top of pudding Dr. Oetker k, sprinkle with nuts or shock. Sticks and cake is ready. You can put two different color-pudding also becomes very spectacular. But the first time I made it exactly the recipe and also became very delicious.

Blagodrya will try and so I :)

the pudding my stiffened and kept my recipe and directions of gelatin ... shame

innkart, perhaps gelatin was not nice. Once, and I get taka- I bought different from my usual gelatin and did not gel. My husband walked in urgency to the store to look for *my* brand gelatin :)

Maybe you gelatine was little, if 500 g. Liquid you put one sachet of 10 grams. Whatever brand gelatin is always a difference in the weight of 1-2 g. On the walls of the court where the gelatin leaves to swell, after pouring in hot liquid, often remain gelatin beads. I put in 500 g. Liquid 15 g. Gelatine t. Is 1 packet of 10 grams. and half a packet, which is generally 1. l gelatin. Maybe cream was really hot. The author of the recipe must have bought a large package gelatin and is rhythmically with teaspoons.

is nothing other time as you take from *my* gelatin really changed the brand this time, and proved mnoooogo nifty, vanilla never smelled - Krajina account dustbin eat cake ...

Why milk is heated in a water bath? Meaning eludes me. I often brew cream with milk and flour / starch, but I've never done it in a water bath. Please explain to me.

because if you are not careful and do not hit the power of fire can burn, or at least to form poprepekani crusting bottom of the container. I could not have handled this cake as a whole, but kerma like you're not doing it in a water bath and gets.

I brew cream in mlekovar. Which is exactly a water bath. Initially, the bottom of the pan temperature is always higher, right from there heated vessel. Then the cream begins to thicken the beginning precisely from the bottom. If higher temperature and although Burke quickly made their tan. In mlekovara part temperature water absorption, it is not so and mlekovar - not to burn and boil the milk.

innkart, thanks for the explanation, although my question was to the author. I think that if the flour does not boil and boil for at least one minute, it remains raw and can not tighten cream. Each package of pudding it writes it. And with starch so. A water bath mixtures do not boil, it is commonly accepted. Apparently the flour in this recipe is just hasty appendage. Because if you think about it, 4 tablespoons flour are adequate to tight one liter of milk, or even more, without putting gelatin. Just in this recipe can be obtained, because it does not boil, and the complete tightening is performed by the gelatin. And if you come across a bad gelatin - ready, not tighten. That can be fastened to the bottom - but yes, it can. It can also burn your meat to the pan and cake you burn in the oven - these are the risks culinary :)

I guess with 4. L gelatin are 500 g. Yoghurt or cream if that happened. And yet, if you will, would not be parfait :)

Well, depends ... here where I live, parfait (parfait) is both sweet and salty and sladkoto is semi-frozen, a salty tightening of bone gelatin. In BG is apparently adopted the American version that sweet parfait with gelatin, but this is not the accepted standard for parfait.

Hello everyone! Albeit belatedly I mean, he was a perfect cream cream nothing that is in a water bath, but better that perfect cream would be good for everything else but not to cut a piece of cake, parfait and to serve it in so chiniika be nice to watch and eat. Do not put gelatin ... will just cream but not the cake :). And that cream with flour is unable to make a water bath can say it only person who did not make a water bath cream:) Ahhh else to explain-that you do not wrapped a cream make sure that it is not the recipe:) fake gelatin or gelatin overheated or less gelatin. In the end I am happy for those who have managed to make it and evaluate it properly and very unfortunate for those of you not being received and blame the recipe. Greetings to all and good cooking ... :)

I do another cream, like a little, but look at the kind of looks almost the same way. I'm breaking the yolks with the sugar and butter in another bowl of powdered sugar with proteins in a third bowl plain cream powder and mix everything with last gelatin and pour. And as I read that some do not have baking pans with removable bottom, do not know about you but I do it in a deeper pan and then as a stand for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator baking pan dunk in boiling water for Konush, some 15 seconds and put the baking pan in / at baking pan and turn it and it stays in the baking pan and is perfect :)