Meatballs (cutlets) potato and nettle

Submitted by enr on 28 Mar 2012
1 kg potatoes
2 handfuls of nettle
1 egg
2-3 scallions
1 sprig fresh garlic
2-3 tbsp chopped walnuts in large pieces
sunflower oil
dry breading - a mixture of wheat and oat bran, ground linseeds
Meatballs (cutlets) potato and nettle
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Washed and unpeeled potatoes are cooked (steamed brew them in a pressure cooker). Hot Peel and smash immediately (use fresh potatoes). Well cleaned and washed nettle is poured in a little boiling water to soften. As cool a cut onion. Mix the potatoes, nettles, egg, chopped onion, salt and the walnuts. Mixture with moistened hands to form balls (cutlets). Rolled in dry breading. Arrange in pan with greased baking paper. Pan well with a brush dipped in sunflower oil. Bake initially strong oven - 200C and after lightly golden brown, the temperature is reduced to moderate - 180C.
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28 Mar 2012


They look so appetizing! I think walnuts will give them a great taste. I like the fact that bake. I will surely do them!

They look amazing! Ina, what is the salad? It is so colorful and primamaliva!

Reni, walnuts really impart flavor. Popripekoh little meatballs and chops because I gave them to the end of a high temperature / without a little to go to the *Failure in the kitchen* :) but just became soft inside and crispy outside.

Rally to Serve chops milk-garlic sauce. A salad made from canned tomatoes, roasted peppers, fresh green onions and fresh garlic, fresh nettle, parsley, olive oil.

In the absence of nettle with what to replace it with parsley example, but without this ingredient are especially good for those who fast. I always trusted recipes Ina and Ralitsa and set assessments in advance without hesitation.

flowers, thank you trust the recipes shared and made by me! For me it is a great recognition! Nettle recruited her village, but it was not a large amount, we did mess and it came up with the rest. As salt bush grows'll try it.

tillia, again grabbed me your photos - very tasty and perfectly arranged. The recipe also sounds interesting. Congratulations (order :).

Thank you, dear! Glad you like it.

great offer. I guess that will happen to all leafy vegetables. Already in favorites and will surely like it.

Much yummy! Marvelous are, Ina! (And I thought :)

Reniiii, will you come to visit!

Unfortunately done very quickly :)

Reni, very glad that you have been delicious! Great look with different breading!

Tillia iAliana, you are number one in cheerful chef!

Tony, thank you very much for the high score! It really is a satisfaction for the work. I do not feel number one, because every participant in this site, from the youngest to the oldest, with 1 or 1 000 recipes, 1 or 1000 photos, contributed to learn something new and each in its own way is number 1 .

Meatballs are very tasty! I added in the mixture a little goat cheese, perfectly combined with other products. Since I did not have seeds for the dry seasoning made them traditional - flour, egg, bread crumbs, then izparzhih them. Topped with yoghurt with garlic and dill are perfect! My husband, who does not like nettles, eat four, which is a great recognition! Unfortunately I can not put pictures because my camera breaks down, but it will definitely become one of our favorite recipes!

Milenka, transfer less than sheep cheese :) Truly this is a good addition to the meatballs. Greetings one on the recognition, I'm glad that they liked him.

Ina, with pleasure, if only virtually, it will share with you :)! Thank you for the nice recipe!

For the first time, have the courage to do potato meatballs and am very pleased with the outcome. Thanks to the successful recipe!

tsuff, I'm very pleased that the first attempt is successful! :)