Mild dish with potatoes and carrots

Submitted by enr on 13 Jun 2014
3 large potatoes
4-5 large carrots
4-5 mushrooms (porcini or mushrooms)
1/2 onion
2 eggs
1 tbsp wine
1 tbsp vinegar (incomplete )
1 tsp salt and sugar
1 cup sunflower oil (incomplete)
Boil and peel the potatoes and carrots. Blend them. Wrap them individually in cheesecloth and squeeze them. Cut the mushrooms and onion slices. Separate yolks from egg whites and two vessels mix yolks with carrots and potatoes egg whites. Then mix the carrots and potatoes, add chopped mushrooms and onions. Mix everything well. Heat the oil in a deep pan and fry the mixture until it absorb all the fat. Add wine, sugar and vinegar. Before taking the dish from the heat once again mix it well.
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13 Jun 2014
* Chinese Cuisine * Publishing May izdadena1990 d


This sort of paste you receive? As you dish is served as a side dish or? With almost a cup of oil, fry which I'm not sure how *mild* will be ...? And really Chinese food?

Very interesting ... I'm curious as nevi how it works. Can source to check it out?

To me also I do not understand some things:Under item. 1 - what is there to squeeze from boiled potato and blend or carrot? If raw and grated, I understand, but cooked?
Under p. 3 - what is the purpose separately to mix the potatoes with the egg yolks and carrots with proteins, since then the potatoes and carrots mix well with mushrooms and onions?

From the author:And I was wondering of those things, but it is written in the book. Apparently the Chinese logic is immense for us Westerners.

And dish and as a garnish. In principle, the Chinese do not manage their terms as a side dish and main course. They have a main dish - eat several at a time and everyone takes everything.

The logic is the same everywhere, not so different Chinese :) If you cooked the recipe and nothing squeeze the potatoes and carrots - so no need for this step. Separate break - suppose for convenience, I do not think that it adds something to the recipe itself. In books happens authors to write unnecessary things volume, so after I tested the recipe and add it here you can write how you received when you and how you prepared her :) Put, I pray, and source of recipes - for it is the *Source*.