Pesto of canola leaves

Submitted by enr on 12 Apr 2011
leaves of radish
1-2 cloves garlic
100 g feta cheese Parmesan
50 g ground walnuts or hazelnuts
120-150 ml sunflower oil or olive oil soft
salt if needed
Never I have not pulled the leaves of radish, but the amount in this recipe as it is filled measuring jug of 1 liter, without compressing much. The leaves are washed and cut perfectly. Put into the high court. Garlic is passaged and added to them. Pour a ground nuts and the oil, and everything to pass a smooth mass. Grate the Parmesan very finely and put in a blend mixture. Pesto lasts about 4-5 days in the refrigerator should be tightly closed, in a jar for example. * I've heard that some added and 1/2 tsp vitamin C powder (not only in pesto, and in Genovese). Maybe it lasts longer, but I have not tried and I can not say anything. * Amounts are approximate, who likes less pesto can put more sunflower oil, and if you want more densely - to increase the nuts and leaves.
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12 Apr 2011


interesting recipe. Logged favorites. Will necessarily try.

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