Potato roll stuffed with peas

Submitted by enr on 20 Jun 2011
500 g boiled potatoes
spices of your choice
100 g peas
1 carrot
Potato roll stuffed with peas
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Boiled potatoes are creased as a puree, add spices and good kneaded. Of baking paper to distribute everything and bake at 180 C until ready. Carrots and peas are cooked until ready. When potato base is ready to put the stuffing and rolls roll and dopicha another 5 minutes.
Very easy
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20 Jun 2011
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I love any vegetable rolls! Only as raztelya mashed potatoes rectangle, distribute the filling, rolled up, sprinkle with oil and bread crumbs and bake so. Petya, marsh bake advance Does not crack when winding?

Wonderful recipe. I generally put inside a cheese and ham, maybe grated boiled egg, but with vegetables inside is great.

stuffing generally do make minced meat, melted cheese, but because I am 90 and my daily diet was leguminous day so I decided to do it with peas. Me Balta do not crack. Furl it while it is still warm and nice it snuggle in winding.