Potato salad with leeks and dry peppers

Submitted by enr on 10 Jan 2010
1 kg potatoes
2-3 dry peppers
1 sprig savory
1 stalk leek
vinegar, sunflower oil, salt
Potato salad with leeks and dry peppers
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Peel the potatoes, cut into cubes and Boil in salted water. Then drained and mixed with finely cut leek and broken into fine dry peppers. Season with salt, sunflower oil and vinegar to taste and sprinkle with tritiated sprig savory.
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10 Jan 2010


It can only be made without the peppers because I did not, but again received - many thanks for the recipe tseluvkiiiiiiiii

Wonderful! Very cheerful decoration. It reminds me of spring :)

my potatoes were soft, while Peko cakes and his writing vyv Faisal I prevariha and what to do - chopped vegetables, falsified it and put a glass plate vyv and I shaped wreath. I thought of osmomartenskata salad and hid his gaffe

This is one of my favorite winter salads. Peppers give a unique taste. A ukrasata of einjal is magnificent. Will steal the idea, but I would put bells, snowflakes and more. to be with Christmas spirit. Thank you, einjal!

thank you, next ROUTES will make her recipe to be enjoyed and we - now there

your picture is amazing! Thank you, einjal! Will steal the idea of ​​Elti for Christmas Eve!

Bravo for the decoration of the salad! It is very beautiful. I really liked and dry peppers. Add incredible flavor to the salad.

Last night I made it, now aged in the refrigerator. I only ask as stays dry pepper that will soften. Last night as it tried scales somehow stood firm and tough. Otherwise, the taste is great!

Milencha, I put the peppers in boiling potatoes and swell when they draw. Then grind them (rub) in a mortar and put them to the potatoes (also mash as mash). Add some of the water in which they were boiled potatoes and the other is in the recipe. Share if you are softened peppers that I wanted to try this recipe.

I made a Christmas wreath with shishtarki that I made, stars, bells - May get the look. I also provided with boil dry pepper with potatoes, even when they prepare for pylnene them obvaryavam. Afternoon will upload the image to see my new Christmas wreath - to taste with pepper salad is divine inspiration, kind of you will say. Myzhleto wait to go to my work load apparatus with burned rytse Sym and I can not open it. Before his injuries, I was able to make some Christmas things - but tonight waiting - now with Sym vyrzani rytse, well I have two unaffected prysta and I could write

salad is very tasty but dry pepper flakes remained. Next time I will try the way of Elti to boil with potatoes and her aunt. As do dry stuffed peppers soaking them in hot water previously, but here stated to be crushed and decided strictly to technology.

Einjal, eagerly waiting for your photos, this salad is suitable for decoration and your very conceptual!

I pepper mill completely dry but usually do the salad in advance, that is, to stay longer with the dressing, so bear pepper vinegar, oil and salt and becomes even more fragrant! I am glad that you like salad, perhaps mostly because the original way of serving her Einjal!

Nothing like Maggie, anyone can decorate something to give it an interesting look at the desire but not if the recipe is delicious, is not provoked to try not worth it. The recipe is fantastic and so is interested kym it - not because of any decoration

Didi, and congratulations for this decoration! His master!