Rice with ham and garlic on Chinese

Submitted by enr on 15 Sep 2014
200 g long-grain rice
2 tbsp sunflower oil
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
4 slices ham
8 tbsp frozen peas
4 feather green onions
4 eggs
cayenne pepper optional
soy sauce to taste
Rice with ham and garlic on Chinese
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Boil rice Pour remaining water, wash and drain. Heat the the oil on high heat. Saute onion 1 minute, add the crushed garlic and let the same time. Pour the chopped ham and peas, and fry them for 1 minute. More so stew chopped green onions and red pepper added to the dish. Add the drained rice and cook another 4-5 minutes. Fans of spicy cuisine can add a little curry. Pour the beaten eggs and keep them still for a minute. Finally, add a little soy sauce. The finished dish sprinkle with crushed green spice. * Parsley does not seem very Chinese spice, but I have no right to edit the source. * I would put a little sesame and sunflower oil for flavor.
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15 Sep 2014
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I climb the second picture just to say that I made the mistake to pour the eggs and scramble - get to unsavory mess visible :) She also made with brown rice to try it to taste, without being convinced that it is good for this purpose. Next time will fry eggs separately, or will do recesses in rice blade and wait to fry before confound :)

If you do a wok at a high temperature, the eggs will not be banging so if your pan - push aside the rice and mix them in the pan to be tight before stir the whole dish (or as you say - fried separately) :) Otherwise, I do not agree that you can not change the original recipe - though you share it here, it is best to be written so as you have you received as you and you liked. One, that the recipes are for change of taste, another that sometimes the sources are wrong - there is no sense to multiply their mistakes. Personally, I often do when I make changes to recipes, post them here in the form in which I can say that the most successful, yet I sign below them (who wants can look and source, of course) :)

Thank Nevi :) Another is experienced and knowledgeable person to say ... On change - my intention is only fair I, or anyone can add to the end of the recipe or in the comments what privnesal himself, or the recipes remain longer open for editing, if possible.
And so I dropped my now :) I was going to ask you lately, admins - could somehow photos to recipes to see the list *View all photos* with the author's name and the number of comments to which they are, without having to open yourself? I think it would be a great convenience :)

I wrote you a personal, not distracted comments to the recipe :)

Something I do not work there login ... Three them these comments into the recipe that she ospamih :)

Yes, did not her about 20 minutes, but when do separate egg May not received conception of preparation and I think you only need to break them and add the rice to fry it should cross just like a mash-up, but so cool.