Rich salad with French dressing

Submitted by enr on 02 Nov 2012
1/2 lettuce
2 scallions
100 g cheese
10 olives pitted
domes with garlic croutons
1 cucumber
tomato 2
1/2 lemon
French sauce ready
olive oil
Rich salad with French dressing
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Shredded lettuce and onion. Cut the tomatoes into medium kupcheta and cucumber into small pieces. Mix them with lettuce and onions and add diced cheese. Squeeze half a lemon in the salad and add 2 tbsp olive oil and salt. Mix well, sprinkle with domes and pour the sauce.
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02 Nov 2012


What is *French dressing*? How can replace and what quantity is used?

Hello, the sauce is prepared and sold in large chain stores - for salads is. Is it different companies so that you choose. Put a 3/4 tbsp.

I some years doing a variation of green salad with domes, it is very tasty. When soaked dome in sauce salad, the taste is great, and rob excess *moisture* in the bowl. :) In fact, the use of domes instead croutons is much more convenient. One bag is enough to cover the needs of smaller are, and steeped become as normal croutons.

really becomes super and is much easier to directly buy them in different flavors :)